Everything that You Need to Know about Color Contact Lenses

Have you ever wanted to change the color of your eyes, for one reason or another?  Well, I have some good news for you – there are ways to do this!  Of course, they are temporary measures, but I still think that they can be quite useful and fun.

You see, a lot of people utilize colored contacts to express themselves in their everyday lives or for specific situations.  Today, I will be going over a few of those in some detail to offer you some useful insights about them! 

Just note that these colored contacts work a bit differently from prescription ones in most cases.  It is possible to have your prescription lenses have pigment, but that is a more specialized job, so keep that in mind.  On that note, though, let us go ahead and explore some of their uses!

Make up Artistry

Now, this might seem like a strange topic to start out on.  However, let me explain!  As you can see on this website, https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/careers/what-does-a-makeup-artist-do, pretty much everything involved in this creative process involves changing our natural appearances in one way or another.

Whether that is making some simple enhancements or altering things altogether, I think that colored contacts can certainly fit into the spirit of this.  After all, when you are selecting some, you can choose from a huge variety of colors.  There are natural tones, some of which can simply be used to make your natural hue stand out a bit more.

Additionally, though, there are some fun or stand-out ones like red, silver, and even purple!  For a lot of people, the finishing touches of their most recent bold or daring makeup look will be to add on some contacts in the end.  A ton of influencers do it on social media, and I love that it is becoming a more accessible option!


In a similar vein to the previous entry, I would like to briefly touch upon the cosplay industry.  A lot of comic book or anime characters do not have “natural” colors for their eyes.  Contacts allow for us to dress up as these characters much more realistically or consistently with how they look on the page or on our screens.

While some folks may write these hobbies off as childish or immature, there is no denying that a lot of people have tons of fun with it.  Some have even built their online careers by doing this!  So, having more options for eye colors can really enhance this.

Helping with Astigmatism

As someone who has struggled with astigmatism in my left eye for years, I found it incredibly difficult to find lenses that could work for me.  I was relegated to glasses for decades, but now that I found somewhere to find contact lenses to order online – Misaki Contacts, I no longer feel so stuck in that old pattern.

Astigmatism is when one or both of your eyes are shaped in a way that standardized contact lenses simply do not work with.  Something to note here is that for “normal” eyes, they are in a round shape.  When you have this condition, though, they are more ovular as opposed to that perfect roundness.

It does not necessarily impede quality of life, but it can make certain things a lot more difficult.  Additionally, often you will end up having worse eyesight in the eye that has astigmatism.  In my case, my left eye is a lot worse off than my right one thanks to the different shape.

If you have this condition, it may be a good idea to seek out specialized contacts that are created specifically for this purpose.  You do not have to feel like you cannot wear them anymore!  Talk about a useful invention, right?

Enhancing Your Eyesight

As I mentioned above in the introduction, something that you can do is invest in colored contacts that are also for your specific prescription.  While they can cost more than the ones that are not prescription, I think that the trade off there is more than well worth it.  For many of us with nearsightedness or farsightedness, it can mean the difference between moving throughout the world in near-blindness or being able to actually see!

Being able to change your eye color is just another perk and layer of fun here.  Now, for some of us, it might be necessary.  After all, if your eyes are too light, they could be so sensitive to the sun that it hurts.  Getting lenses that give you some more pigment can really assist in that manner.

Letting Your Creativity Shine

While I might risk sounding like a broken record at this point, I think that the best aspect of these is the fact that we can truly let our creativity bloom and demonstrate it in every part of our appearances.  Even a simple Halloween costume can be elevated to new heights by adding on some red or purple eyes, as just one example.

Some final notes to keep in mind are that you should be certain to take good care of yours.  Always be sure to use the contact cleaning solution before re-using them and follow any further instruction for care as well.  Eye health is certainly nothing to mess around with, so that is why I place such high emphasis on these points.

If you find yourself having some bad headaches from prolonged use, consider taking a break from them every once in a while.  There is nothing inherently bad about wearing them every single day, but it is also probably a good idea to rest your eyes sometimes as well.  Generally speaking, that is what most eye doctors would recommend as well.

Now that you have a better idea of what these are and how you can use them, I really hope that you will find some interesting uses for them!  Remember, the sky is truly the limit here for you!

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