Fabulous Dresses Under $20

Must have for spring 2017


Spring is already here but maybe you haven’t had the time yet to refresh your wardrobe yet. Don’t panic because I have made a super cool selection of the best dresses under $20 you need to have!

The classic LBD

I say classic, but it’s not necessarily classic. Black party dresses can be styled in infinite ways so you just need to be creative and mix your favorite items in a super cool outfit. From mesh inserts, casual T-shirt dresses to lace details and printed chiffon dresses, they all have something in common: versatility. Basically you can adapt any of them to your own personal style and existing wardrobe. And of course, taking into account the great price, you might as well but 3-4 different styles for days when you don’t know what to wear.

black dresses under $20

LBD under $20


Sequins, beads and glittery details will never go out of style especially when we are talking about a special event. Maybe it’s not your style, but for under $20 you can easily find something you might as well try out and see if you can make it work for you.

As a tip, try not to wear many accessories when picking out a sparkly dress.

sequined dress under $20



sequined dress


Super-fab embroideries

Embroideries as are back again! I am happy because I really love how an embroidery could change a simple item from casual to super fancy just with one embroidered flower for example. An embroidered dress under $20 is an awesome deal, so you might want to consider picking out one of these glam babies.

Embroidered dresses

embroidered dress


embroidered dresses

Timeless lace dresses

Lace dresses will never go out of style just like the classic LBD so buying a new lace dress each season is not a bad thing. Go for simple cuts and designs so you will be able to wear them for many seasons to come. Black, beige, white and red are probably the most popular picks when it comes to picking out a fancy lace dress. I would go for a dark burgundy or black especially now when I am a bit bigger.

Lace dresses

lace dresses under 20

lace dresses

lace dresses under 20 dollars


So which is your favorite type of dress and what will you pick for this spring in terms of new dresses?

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