Fall Fashion Trends

Cool Suede Hues

Fall fashion trends are similar every year. We wear rusty colors, nature inspired hues and warm textures mixed with summerish fabrics for when the weather is mild.

Knits, denim and leather are the most fashionable fabrics to go for in fall. Knitted pullovers, dresses and skirt look really amazing and are very versatile.From casual day to day outfits that you wear at the office or school to smart elegant look for dinners.

Leather and especially suede are very luxurious textures that are prefered during autumn and spring mostly. The downside is that they are really expensive and not that easy to take care of. If you stain suede you can almost throw that item away. There aren’t many possibilities for cleaning up leather and suede so after spending so much money on an expensive jacket for example, you might just keep it in the closet so you wouldn’t take any chance in ruining it. But that’s not the point for buying clothes.

I recently found some awesome suede piece from the Forever21 new collection at super prices. I couldn’t believe it! The genuine leather dress is under 50$ and it really looks super cute. This style will no go out of fashion because it is retro inspired and the line is minimalistic. Such a good investment.

You can have a look at the high waist short, leather jackets or some cool zippered or buttoned down skirts that might be the perfect pieces to complete your wardrobe, don’t you think?

Which fall fashion styles do you fancy more?

fall fashion trends


Leather Dress

fall fashion trends

Zipper Pink Skirt



fall fashion trends


Beige Leather Shorts



fall fashion trends

Burgundy Leather Shorts


fall fashion trends

Buttoned Down Skirt

fall fashion trends


Leather Jacket



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