First time in the States -Miami Impressions

Miami – The Eclectic City

I never would have thought I would want to travel that far away because you know about my travel-packing issues but as you get hungry while eating, I think I just got more comfortable with travelling.

This year was actually full with fun trips. From London, Tenerife to Berlin with StylishCircleAmsterdam and more to come.

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I found that stepping out of my comfort zone actually helped me grow on this level.
A 10 hour flight doesn’t scare me anymore, and when I say scare I mean getting bored fast. I take my laptop with me and I write or design. It keeps me busy while I travel and I love it. I actually wrote this post on the plane across the Atlantic.

It took me a day or two to actually realize that I was so far away from home. The jet lag didn’t get to me but every time I put my head on the pillow I fell asleep instantly and the rest was so good. It was the mos relaxing trip ever.

When talking about first impressions, I can say that Miami is really amazing! From the wonderful sceneries to beautiful buildings to the great weather( even if it was too hot).

I was very pleasantly surprised about how nice and helpful people were. Even if we would ask a random person on the street about some info, they would just gladly help. Like one evening we were looking for a place to buy some water and we asked a girl for info. She told us where the store might be and offered to give us the water she had in her hand. I thought that was really nice of her, but of course we didn’t accept it.

miami impressionsWhat I was not so pleasantly surprised of is that people don’t really know how to give directions and most of them don’t use public transport. They don’t walk, they just jog, bike or drive a car. Even two blocks is too far away and they would suggest getting a cab. We actually walked for miles everyday because this is the way we love to explore. Surely, we also used Uber and public transport but walking is the best way to see hidden treasures.

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Shopping malls( at least the ones I’ve visited) are not that big comparing to the ones back home. But they do have big shops like Burlington or Ross that are pretty big, like a warehouse full of cool stuff. I have to admit I expected them to be huge, like everything else is in the States.

PUBLIC transport tip: Have change because they only accept the right amount. Double, triple check routes and be sure you know where you want to go. Most bus drivers can’t help you if you need directions; it happened to us.

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Use your credit card for payments but have a back up. Certain shops won’t accept several types of cards but this is not a general problem. It happened to us once or twice, so it’s not a big issue.

P.S Don’t forget about sunscreen and sunglasses!

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