Fresh Braids

Spring hairstyles

Fresh braids, fresh hair for a super fabulous new look this season.

When you think of fresh braids you might just associate them with young braided willow branches that bloom at this time of the year. They are delicate, yet very strong, flexible and still elegant at the same time.

Braided hair has always been very hip in any season, but especially in Spring when you can easily add a few flowers or cool hairbands for a more edgy look.

There are tons of different styles to choose from when thinking of trying some fresh braids but it all depends on your hair length, thickness and personality of course.

Double Dutch braids

The best way to get your hair off your face while still having an uber-cool hairstyle.

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Create a clean line or zig-zag along the middle of your head, from the front to the nape of your neck and tie aside one part that you will not work on yet.
  • Take a small part of the hair from the front side and start braiding. BUT WAIT! Dutch braids area created backwords. Each strand of hair will be looped under each section and not over as for the classic three strand braid.
  • Continue until you reach the nape, then complete the braid as you desire. A chignon bun, sleek tails or braid it further down.

If you find it really complicated, try getting a fake braid with the famous pull-through technique that I told you about here.


double dutch fresh braids

fresh braids


fresh braids


boho fresh braids


This is actually a classic style, yet very easy and fast to be created on your own. Simply pull your hair into a loose french braid and continue into a side fishtail. Add small strands of hair from each side into a relaxed braid. This is the perfect style for a casual day out.

fresh braids


Multiple dutch braids

Thick vs thin dutch braids look simply cool. They are a great option if you want for it to complete your festival outfit. Add colored threads to create a more stylish variation. If you want a rock-chic mix, think about adding some metal rings on the sides; just like piercings.

fresh look braids

Braided mohawk

This is the most fashionable way to keeping your hair out of your face. Braid a thick mohawk right at the center end finish it with a messy bun or simple ponytail. Try adding extra volume by teasing the section before you start braiding.

fresh braids

Hippie inspired fresh braids

Multiple messy braids that apparently aren’t organized, fun shapes like triangles or hearts are super hip especially for summer. It’s a cliche but this kind of hairstyle looks much better on blonde hair, balayage or simply sun kissed highlights that add texture and volume. You can style them as you desire because there is no strict rule for this cool variation. Use transparent hair elastics for a sleek finish.

fresh spring braids


boho fresh braids

Either you like a crisp double dutch braid or a messy mix of boho styles, trying on some fresh braids is the best way to get a new look this season.

Add beads, feathers or other accessories for a super-fab new style. Be bold and stand out with a cool hairdo.

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