Fuchsia Hair

Pink, purple or maybe fuchsia? Looking for a cool new look?

Fuchsia is indeed a very strong color but you might just make it your own signature style that people would recognize you by. This is a great option if you want to stand out, if you are a popular person and you need to create a cool image.

For example, in my case, people recognize me very easily due to the colors of my hair. Which is fun and interesting. I didn’t pick these colors just to draw attention, but due to the fact that I like how these shade emphasize my facial features, like the color of my eyes. For deep hues, I pick PRAVANA because the colors are vivid and they last long.

If you want to make a cool style change, try fuchsia hair as a fashionable alternative to all natural colors. Fuchsia would be great for women that have blue, green and grey eyes because it will emphasize their saturation.

In case you are not that bold, you might just want to try some highlights or a cool ombre from blonde to dark fuchsia. This way you won’t be too stressed out about this big change.


fuchsia short hair


ombre bob hair


fuchsia highlights blonde




For more extravagant choices, how about mixing a deep violet or blue with this hot color?

It would surely look awesome! But keep in mind that you might want to limit your make-up color scheme in order not to look very over the top.

Of course there are many other choices like going for a wild, neon shade or a more deeper one like a dark fuchsia. It’s all about what you like and what suits your personality better.

Another thing you might want to take into consideration is the state of your hair. If it’s dull and dry, try not to bleach it too soon. Instead go for pigments like the ones from PRAVANA Vivids collection. No need to use developing cream in order to get a bright color.

deep purple fuchsia hair


fuchsia blonde hair

A healthy hair is more beautiful than any color you might achieve by damaging it even more than it is.

So what do you think? To Fuchsia or not to Fuchsia?


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