Fur Fashion

A Touch of Glam for Outerwear

Fur has always been in fashion and it will not fade out too soon.

Each season designers come with new approaches from colored faux fur, to very authentic looking, different trims, a variation of lengths and textile mixes.

Even if you are not a fur lover, especially natural furs, you can definitely find a coat that will make you fall in love. They appear as bold clothing choice, and they are, to an extent. It depends on how you mix them too. A classic jeans and T-shirt mix will get noticed with a bright colored fur, no need for other accessories.

They also keep you warm but you have to be careful what lining they have. A very thin satin textured lining won’t keep you too warm. A thicker, maybe woolen lining is the best choice in this case.

The length depends on your height. In my case, as a 1.60m high midget, a shorter coat or vest would look much better than a longer one.  A nice idea is to pick a thin belt to emphasize your waistline especially because this kind of jacket will make you look bulky.

Vests are a better choice and the length could be a bit longer than for coats. Not having sleeves, shoulders won’t look too big. A waterfall vest is ideal for a casual day look.

fur fashion

Black and white        Pink           Grey

Here are some ideas on how to style a fur coat or vest

There are tones of variations from casual looks, to elegant or super classy but you can surely find a combo that would fit your personal style.

snow eskimo fashion fur

Fur Vest

feather fur coat

Striped coat

feather fur coat

knee high boots fur jacket

Black and White Coat

retro style

Grey Coat

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