How the future looks with AI in charge

AI is all around us and it’s getting more and more common in our daily life. Still, even if basically we are at ease with this situation, if we think about it deeper some frustrations do appear.

It’s fun to have such an automated life, where everything is it the tip of your fingers, ready for you to enjoy, but what if all this might cost you your job in the future?


Job changer?


AI and automation keep evolving and while conquering more and more fields of work it might just make you change your job. Andrew Charlton has a different point of view, saying actually that this might grow the economy even more. Some job get shifted, new jobs are created and other are made easier by AI and automation.  But if you think of this, you will realize that the same thing happened a few decades ago when we weren’t even born yet. Jobs that then existed, don’t exist now or are very different. So no need to panic because there will always be something that needs to be powered by a human being.

ai and jobs

Stay informed


While everything changes even for the better, you still need to be up to date with everything. If something might spark around the horizon, you need to know in advance. If you feel your job might be in danger because of this AI or automation process, then you will want to see what shifting possibilities you have.  Learning something new, taking up courses, more challenges but it’s all for the better. There changes make you stronger especially if you can anticipate and get ready in time for them. New skills might elevate your job in time and the boring tasks you would have done by now could have been replaced by machines which leads to you getting more interesting tasks and projects.


The perks of AI


The whole AI revolution might make you feel invaded, maybe overwhelmed and frustrated, but try to look on the bright side. AI basically works for you and not against you. Think about what it could be like to have a personal assistant. Your assistant will know everything you like and want. Fresh coffee, orange juice, setting meetings exactly like you would do, even buying presents online for your loved ones by following some guidelines you inputted in the system a few days before.  More time for you to enjoy with your family, more time for hobbies and vacations. That actually sounds fun, right?


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