Give Your Bedroom A Sleep Friendly Makeover

If you’ve been finding it hard to sleep recently, maybe it’s time to give your bedroom a quick makeover to make it more sleep friendly. Poor sleep is nothing to play with, if you’re not getting enough sleep every night you’re putting your body at risk of increased weight gain, increased likelihood of getting heart disease and in general poor sleep isn’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

So knowing how serious not getting enough sleep can be is reason enough to justify giving your bedroom a new look to help you sleep better. So today we’ll be looking at ways you can redecorate your bedroom to make it more sleep friendly to help you get the sleep your body needs!

Remove Distractions

If you’re struggling to sleep in your bedroom it may be that you have too many distractions in your bedroom which grab your attention when you want to be sleeping. These distractions can come from a lot of places like having a TV in your bedroom may tempt you to stay up watching TV or clothes on the floor may make you want to tidy up.

Rather than fighting yourself trying to stay in bed, it’s a lot easier to remove distractions from your bedroom, by keeping a clean, tidy room but also removing things which may steal your attention like removing your bedroom’s TV and keeping your mobile phone in a drawer when you go to bed at night.

Block Out Light Pollution

Light pollution is one of the biggest factors in not getting enough sleep, as outside light such as streetlamps or headlights from passing cars leaks into your room at night, which is equally annoying as it is bad for your sleep. Light pollution can cause you to find it hard to fall asleep and increase the likelihood of you being woken up during the night.

The simple solution to this problem is to replace your existing window coverings with a new roller blind made from a blackout material, this blind will help stop that light pollution from leaking into your bedroom and create a nice dark space for you to sleep in.

Use Calming Colours

Another thing that can keep you up at night is overstimulating colours, sure you may like the look of having a bright yellow room, or lots of vibrant colours across your bedroom, but these loud colours can often be overstimulating if you’re trying to sleep and result in you struggling to sleep.

To combat this, you can repaint your room in a calming sleep friendly colour like a light green, pastel blue or a muted purple. All of these colours are scientifically shown to be relaxing and beneficial for sleep, so by repainting your bedroom you can make it a lot more sleep friendly.

There you have it, three simple to follow projects you can undertake to give your bedroom a makeover that helps make it a more suitable space for you to sleep well and develop good, healthy sleeping habits!

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