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It’s been a colorful year, for me at least. I experimented with many colors, new dyes and I have to say it’s been my best year when it comes to colors.

Every time I got my inspiration from brave fashion bloggers that had the courage to try bold colors before I did.

Still, I haven’t tried the pastel trend yet, but I will surely get some cute coral highlights because my Pravana Chromasilk is waiting for me.

So the Hair trends for 2015 have been really mixed up if you would ask me.

The Granny Look

Everyone tried that cute silverish grey and some really looked great. With a pinch of blue or silver, this color look great on light skin. If you would get a tan, it would look horrible, trust me.

Vivids and Pastels

This is what Guy Tang worked with all summer. I found the Pravana dye on his instagram account, so you might just get some inspiration for yourself too. I tried the violet shade from the Vivid range and got a cute coral pastel for which I would have to lighten my hair beforehand. They are really great and last so long that you might just get bored before it wares off.

Alann is the best inspiration for this and that orange, purple color she had was the best in my opinion.

Green Blue Mermaid

I love the way green hair looks, but I think it’s the last color I would try on myself. I don’t think it would look any good on me. I find it very bold but hard to match.

Deep Red and Rose Gold

Always in love with red! Still, I saw some amazing mixes between red and rose gold which looked really amazing! Maybe I would try this combo once, but I can’t get enough of my colors right now.

Because many of you asked me what colors I have, here is the list:

Pravana Mahogany Violet Blonde 7.62

Pravana Vivids Violet

Pravana Pastels Too Cute Coral

Crazy Colors Cyclamen


Yes , I am rainbow and I love it!




hair trends 2015hair trends 2015

Kayla from


hair trends 2015 hair trends 2015


Alanna from


hair trends 2015 hair trends 2015

hair trends 2015

hair trends 2015  BAD_1637

The Braid tutorial here



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