Handpainted Dress


Unique Design-Handpainted Dress

My idea of having a cool wardrobe is picking out unique pieces of clothing, maybe even personalize them, plus, spicing it up with your favorite accessories .

Fashion is now accessible to everyone for different prices, but unfortunately it’s all the same. I had the idea to handpaint dresses, tops, skirts just for the unique feeling. You will surely not have the chance to meet someone with the same identical design.

So would you invest in such an original design or would you prefer having what everyone else is having?


Creatie unicat-rochie pictata manual

A avea o garderoba misto cred ca e nevoie de piese vestimentare si accesorii unice, chiar personalizate. In plus, o serie de accesorii , poate chiar scumpe in functie de buget si preferinte .

Moda in general e la indemana oricui, si magazinele sunt ticsite de haine pentru orice buget,  foarte asemanatoare ca design daca nu identice. Mie nu imi plac imprimeurile in mod deosebit, dar ideea de a face rochii, topuri sau fuste cu desene realizate manual mi s-a parut o idee geniala pentru ca in felul acesta cu siguranta nu risti sa ai aceeasi tinuta cu o alta persoana pe care o intalnesti pe strada sau la petrecere.

Voi ati inveti in asa o piesa sau preferati imbracamintea realizata in serie?


handpainted red dress fur jacket

Fur: Here/ Dress: B.A.D. style (email for info) / Bag: Michael Kors / Hat: Stradivarius/ Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

ray0ban clubmaster

handpainted red dress fur jacket

handpainted red dress fur jacket

ray -ban clubmaster

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