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What is Haute Couture?


If you are a high fashion lover or a trend enthusiast you will probably hear “haute couture”everyday. But it is so frequently misused and the term kind of looses its real value in the ”hands” of the less knowledgeable in the true meaning of this high fashion term.

In France, the term is protected by law and it is defined by the Paris Chamber of Commerce, according to Wikipedia.

As a fashion house you need to abide certain rules in order to be able to call your high fashion creations Haute Couture.

They need to ensure made-to-order designs for private clients with at least one fitting and have a workshop in Paris with more that fifteen people employed full time. Also, they need to be able to present a collection of at least 35 designs for both daytime and evening wear for the press in Paris, twice a year of course.

high fashion couture

So basically not every item that is handmade, or made-to-order for someone by any aspiring designer could be called Haute Couture.

Still, there is still hope if you are indeed looking for a dress that look high fashion couture straight off the runway. You can always ask your handy seamstress or designer friend to create a special gown for you using a kind of haute couture beaded fabric.

In case you decide on sketching your dream dress either for a special event of for your big day as bride, I would give you some pointer in what to consider when picking your design and favorite couture fabric.

haute couture fabric haute couture fabric


haute couture fabric

Advice on picking your fabrics and designs

  1. You either pick the design first and look for a fabric that could match or the other way around. I find it more lucrative to pick the fabric first and the see the design.
  2. If you want a very rich looking fabric adorned with millions of beads and rhinestones, then be sure to go for a simple dress. Nothing scream cheap that an over-adorned big-fluffy and intricate dress.
  3. If you want something subtle, but still with that  high fashion couture touch, try mixing two fabric or textures. One with beads or other adornments you desire and one that is more simple and could actually emphasize the beauty of the more complex texture.
  4. Pick the right design for you. Some adorned fabrics might make you look like you added a few pounds extra before the big event so be sure to go for something that compliments your figure.

haute couture embroidery

And the crucial part in this search for the perfect high fashion dress is actually picking the right person to sew the dress for you. Don’t go cheap on this because you might have a big surprise and not one that you would like. Be sure to do your calculations and see that if you would actually want to purchase a real Haute Couture gown you will pay so much $$$$$$ more for such a design, rather than picking a relatively expensive high fashion fabric and a handy seamstress.

So what will you go for? Real or steal?


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