High Waisted Jeans and Crop Tops

How to adjust the trend to your own silhouette and style


You can’t ignore this jeans and crop top trend because fashionista’s are booming social media with super stylish outfits that you are craving for.

Still, there could be a slight problem when you don’t have the perfect waistline and you might have some extra kg you would like to see vanished into mid air, but no need to panic, I have some tricks for you.

Wearing crop tops that are fun and flirty is not as easy as it seems. What might look good on one person, might not flatter your body type, so the basic rule is to try on several styles of crop tops that you like to see what fist you best.

How to hide your not so perfect tummy?

You might not have the ideal 6 packs, but you can create a visual illusion that you indeed have a this waist, long legs, and a perfect hourglass figure to show.

The trick is to find the most perfect fitting high waisted jeans that could flatten your tummy, make your legs look longer and pair up with that crop top you always wanted to wear. High jeans will emphasize the this waist, while snugging your tummy.

Try adding a thin belt to clinch everything together and add an extra spice to the whole look. Go for a fitted crop top that shows just a little skin. Be sure that the fabric is of high quality and that it isn’t too tight; that isn’t flattering.

high waisted jeans fit

What type of crop top should you pick?

Depending on the style you want to adopt, you might go for a sporty or elegant top. These might be fitted or loose when we are talking about types of cuts.

Usually, anything that is a bit loose will make you look thinner that anything that is really fitted. But picking the right top is also strongly dependent on the style too. An elegant crop top made of sequins or lace worn with some high waisted bell bottom jeans look better that a similar top that is loose.

Sporty-casual looks like a pair of mom jeans, sneakers and a crop T-shirt call for a looser cut and a less pretentious pattern.

high waisted jeans

high jeans and crop tops

Why do high waisted jeans look better with crop tops?

It’s all about the balance and emphasis of what you roll with. Basically, if the items are picked well, they will emphasize of create that hourglass figure we all dream of. Having high jeans that make your legs look longer will be better of paired with a short top that could complete the look. This way you will elongate your silhouette even more by creating this simple optical illusion.

high jeans

This stylish mix of elements, jeans and crop tops, is a very versatile combination that you can endlessly use for hundreds of outfits. From super casual, sporty, to office inspired, festival outfits to cocktail looks that will stand out. You just need to find the right fit for both your style and body type.



  1. I bought some high waisted jeans but was unsure on how to style them now i know what to do crop tops and sequins sound like a perfect fit

  2. I love how high waisted jeans are so in style right now. They look amazing on so many different body types. Good American especially makes jeans fitting for everyone! Great quality as well.

  3. My sister loves high waisted jeans, and she always pairs them with a fitted top haha. Looks like my sis knows what she is talking about!

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