How to go on vacation without leaving the house

Sometimes we just feel tired. Tired of the everyday routine, of work, of having to get things done every morning. We are so tired that we don’t even want to leave the house for a proper vacation.

But there is a cool way in staying home and feeling like you are on vacation without going places or spending much money.

The key to all this is feeling comfortable and relaxed in your own home, or yard for that matter.

When I wanted to start improving my home, I started from outside, with the yard and terrace. I wanted to forget about everything and go into a state of relaxation putting my holiday mood on. Easy way to achieve greatness? Create your own zen place, a cosy corner where you can detach and feel closer to nature.

Zen corner on the deck

I always wanted to have a deck with some DIY pallet furniture and string lights, just like in the movies, but it still remained a plan until now. I started browsing ideas and solutions for this dream of mine and the best options for something similar to what I wanted were offered by  Decks & Docks Lumber Company.


After doing some research I have found that there are many types of decking materials and you could easily pick one of them taking your budget into account as the price difference is fairly noticeable. From the expensive capped composite, capped PVC, HDPE to the most affordable option being composite, if you want a long lasting deck to enjoy for many years, you might want to rethink the first option that comes into your mind. Surely finding a cheap but beautiful decking solution would be ideal, but if it isn’t that resistant, after just  a few years you might need to work on improving or fixing it.

By investing a bit more at the beginning you save a lot of time and probably money too if you think it for the long run.

How to pick the deck color

Besides the financial part, you need to think about the practical aspect as well as aesthetic. The color of your deck should also be appealing but if you need to clean it often because it would look dirty 30 min after wiping it all over, that Is not the scenario anyone wants. From the research I made, I realised that the best colors, are slightly lighter with a beige of gray tone that’s similar to dirt and sand. If you go too light or too dark you will have to be sure your feet are always clean so you won’t make your lovely deck look like it’s always dirty.

In my vision, the deck would start from the door that connects the living room to the yard and continues around the pool. The percentage of decking and grass should of course be balanced so that I wouldn’t cover too much of the green part, because I do want a small paradise inside my yard.

I studied a bit or architecture at the university but if you feel this is much more than you can handle, you should ask a professional engineer to help you as it should be a well though investment and not just a weekend plan.

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