How To Look Laid Back With Style

We all love getting dressed up to the nines for a special occasion, but sometimes all we want to be is comfortable, especially you’re a laid back kind of person. But, just because you’re laid back doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style and accessories.

In fact, when the occasion calls for your favourite pair of worn-out jeans or sweatpants, that’s alright. But, casual doesn’t actually have to be all that casual. If you think cosy yet chic can’t be done, it’s time to think again.

To prove a point, we’ve put together a few tips on how to accessorize and put together laid back looks that are incredibly trendy but still ultra-comfortable. So, you can swap those sweatpants for gorgeous wide-leg pants or ditch the dress and heels for a more comfortable tunic, the choice is yours. Best of all, you can pair anything with special and unique silver bracelets for young ladies.


How to Get the Look

A t-shirt dress is ultra-cool and you can give it an edgy vibe with your chunky jewellery or a pair of combat boots.

Speaking of boots, go for something chunky that makes a statement. It’s comfier than high heels and very on trend right now.

If you love nothing more than dressing laid back, nothing quite says chilled out like a casual linen dress. You can accessorise the look with a woven purse and a simple pair of slides for super-cool comfort.

Not that into dresses? You can still be laid back and chic with a graphic button-down shirt coupled with a pair of comfortable shorts and accessories with something like a trendy bucket hat.

When in doubt, grab an over-sized sweater and a pair of comfy trousers for a relaxed yet put-together daytime look.

And, for those days when you just want something a little more floaty, swap out the sweatpants for a chic pair of wide-leg velvet trousers and play around with a funky 70s-style coat layered over a simple top with a chunky necklace.

Tips to Help You Master Your Casual Look

  • Purchase your laid-back looks the same way you’d buy clothes for the office. Build your wardrobe up slowly with a few cohesive pieces built around basic styles.
  • Find great shoes – Nothing kills that laid back vibe like a pair of old-fashioned bulky trainers. Opt for fashionable sneakers or low tops.
  • Go for unfussy accessories – While white t-shirts and diamonds are a match made in heaven, a laid back wardrobe calls for casual accessories, like aviator sunglasses, a timeless leather tote and a bandana.
  • Keep things in good shape – Laid back does not have to mean sloppy, wrinkled or dated, so look after your casual clothing and accessories.
  • Avoid the clichés – Ditch the leggings and sweatpants and opt for elasticated trousers and cuffed hems.
  • Don’t go OTT with your style – If you’re cleaning the house or working out in the garden, sure, you can wear whatever you like to look. In fact, keep some grubby clothes for those kinds of tasks. But, do remember that laid back does not mean sloppy!

Use these tips to pull off the perfect laid back look.

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