How to Make Icecream-The Easy Way!


I’m back with two new recipes that are absolutely delicious, perfect for the weather outside!

As I started a new diet, I will be trying only the protein icecream, but the chocolate one is more delicious:)) I can have it once every three weeks, when I will probably be eating a whole box.

Enough said, let’s start:

Chocolate Icecream

You need:

Dark chocolate -400gr

5 eggs

100 gr sugar

100 gr butter

Whipped cream -250 ml

20-50 gr cocoa

Melt the chocolate and butter in a double boiler. Meanwhile whip the cream and stir in the cocoa. After the chocolate melted, set aside and put the eggs on the boiler together with the sugar. Mix with the mixer on the boiling water pot until they are foamy. Take them off and whip them for another 2 minutes. Then mix the chocolate with the eggs and the the whipped cream. Stir carefully with a spatula or big spoon. Place in the freezer for a few hours. You can add different flavours

chocolate icecream


Inghetata de ciocolata


Ciocolata neagra(menaj) -400gr

5 oua

100 gr zahar

100 gr unt

Frisca vegetala-250 ml

20-50 gr cacao

Puneti ciocolata si untul la topit in bain-marie. Intre timp bateti frisca si incorporati cele 20-50 gr de cacao , dupa preferinta(se poate si fara). Dupa ce s-a topit ciocolata, luati oala de pe aragaz si puneti alta cu cele 5 oua si zaharul. Amestecati cu mixerul pe bain-marie pana se fac spuma. Luati de pe foc si mai bateti aprox 2 min. Acum puneti ciocolata peste oua, apoi frisca si amestecati cu o spatula sau lingura, cu grija. Puneti la frigider pentru cateva ore. Se pot adauga esente, nuci, fructe etc.

chocolate ice cream recipe


Youghurt Protein Icecream

You need:

3-4 Egg whites(no yolk)

A  bowl full of your favorite fruits, I picked sour cherries from the garden.

300-400 gr greek youghurt(10% fat)

Honey or sweetners to taste

First whisk the egg whites until they are foamy. Mix the youghurt with honey or sweetners and put in the fruits. Mix the whites with the other ingredients and put in the freezer for some hours. Serve with fresh fruits. Perfect ice cream-low in calories!


protein icecream




Inghetata de iaurt si fructe


3-4 albusuri de ou

Un bol mare de fructe, eu am cules visine din gradina.

Miere sau indulcitor(dupa gust)

300-400 gr iaurt grecesc

Bateti albusurile cu mixerul pana se fac spuma. In iaurt adaugati mierea sau indulcitorul si fructele. Amestecati apoi cu albusurile batute si dati la congelator pentru cateva ore. Serviti cu fructe proaspete. Rapida, delicioasa si cu foarte putine calorii.

easy protein youghurt icecream


Would you like more recipes like this?

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