Mixing Textures

There are so many beautiful fabrics around, but mixing textures might just make everything more complicated even for the most savy ladies that are not afraid to try new things.

Safe texture combinations

Safe combinations are not always very creative. Safe combinations are made by associating similar textures. Like denim and doc or another textured sturdy fabric. A denim skirt and a textured parka is the simple way to mix textures without being afraid of failing. A cotton T-shirt mixed with casual fabrics like denim or linen is also a safe way of styling a going out look. These are mostly casual approaches and most of the time they will not stand out by themselves. They need accessories and other details to make such outfits look different than all the other basic looks out there.

leather skirt and hoodie
loose hoodie mirror sunnies

Tracksuit fashion is back and XXL hoodies are back in the game. I can remember that Ginger Spice clip with raining men..The dance outfit and I always think of loose hoodies mixed with something tight. It’s that volume and texture mix that make or break any outfit. Big hoodies go well with denim or anything gym related. They look awesome with pencil skirt in a casual combination, maybe worn with some Adidas Superstar or Air Force One’s. Casual and comfortable looks that we all need to try out this summer.

leather top and denim skirt
leather corset top
ruffle denim skirt and leather top

Edgy texture mixes

More interesting combinations feature contrasting textures that you might not feel at ease mixing. Denim and leather might just be one. Either we are talking about a denim skirt and leather tops like in my look here, or maybe vice versa, a leather skirt a T-shirt and a denim jacket or vest to compliment the whole look. Surely it’s not so extravagant, but you do need some kind of edginess to your attitude to wear such a mix.

Another way of trying out a cool mix, is adding a bit of glam to casual outfits. A sequined varsity jacket mixed with a simple, yet sexy dress is a way to go. Having the urban vibe to it, Converse shoes would have been the best mix for such a look but high heels would also do the trick if you were looking for something on the elegant side of things. Jersey dresses are always a good idea.

Denim and sequins is so popular right now, but I fyou don’t pay attentetion to details, you might end up with a kitch mix. Be sure to go for neutral colors when picking out sequins, especially if you style is not that edgy generaly. Silver, gold or black sequins go well with denim. Stay with simple cuts and be sure not to add another texture to the mix. Except leather for shoes and bags.

casual jersey dress
black jersey dress casual style

Extravagant combinations

It’s all about getting noticed and shouting: Here I am!

Mixing leather with silk or velvet is something I always loved but many people gave me the look when I wore anything like that. A maxi silk dress worn with a leather jacket and high heels is ideal for a prom. It’s modern, edgy and young. I’d rather go for something like this than very complicated couture like gowns that feel unnatural and uncomfortable. Silk feels great on the skin and so does leather so why not try such a bold mix that will ensure your title as edgy queen of the night?!

Beaded tops and leather pants are from the same picture. You know those 20 s inspired outfits with extra-beaded and adorned dresses and tops that had a simple cut, but still stood out of the crowd?

Try mixing that style with a pair of leather pants from Wildfashion and you will get all eyes on you. Add some strappy sandals and a small clutch. Don’t forget about the red lipstick because you will never go wrong with a red lipstick in any situation.

Basically, it doesn’t actually matter if a texture looks good or not ther one. It matters if you like it and you enjoy wearing it. In order to find the best mixes for you, you have to try so many styles and get to know your own self, what you like, what looks good on you and what you feel at ease wearing. It’s really easy to spot someone that wear the lastest fashion trends out there, the most expensive items he or she found in the nearest designer shop, but the style doesn’t feel natural to her or him. It looks fake and that never helps, even if you can afford anything, anything doesn’t look good on you.

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