How to Plan Home Improvements

If you’ve been following me on social media lately, you’d know by now how much I love DIY when it comes to home improvements. Our latest project was changing the old laminated floors we had, with some new ones in a lighter, off white color to give the house more brightness. I wanted to this for a long time now but I also wanted to wait for some special deals, discounts to be sure that it will also be a good investment not just a nice DIY project.

If you are like me and want to grab the best deals especially if we are talking about discount codes, offers or the big day known as Black Friday, then you should note down that Home Depot has some of the best prices especially for sales in home improvement sector. I can bet you can find everything you need there without needing to search too much.

But before any project, you need to sit down and make a plan.

Ask yourself a few questions:

Is it worth the investment?

Do you have the skills you need? Because tools you can buy

Will it be a practical change or improvement?

How long will it take to be implemented?

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After you noted everything down and you realized that it’s a good plan, then start making a list of things you need from tools, to space where to work and of course, the raw materials.

Whenever I jump into such a cool, yet tedious project, I always want to see what others have done for a similar ideas. For the next project we will work on, a house bed for our daughter, I searched for ideas on Pinterest. Some actually provide a sketch you can use and also a list of materials you need and exact quantities or dimensions. This will make everything more easier when going shopping. Even if your project isn’t exactly the same you can get a pretty good idea on what you will need so that you can figure out how to create your own list.

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Another advice that I always take into consideration even if it will take you some time before actually getting into making it, is research, research. I take about a day to research for stuff before. Searching on google, looking at videos etc, to be sure I can actually finish what I want to start. To be sure I have every tool and every accessory I need so that I don’t stop when I am half way through. This will save you time after and of course, a lot of money by helping you avoid mistakes you might have made if you haven’t done your research just before.

Buy on sale, not when you need them

If you are into such crafts and you know you will want to work of different home improvement projects, then you should consider making a list of tools and searching for hot deals, coupon codes and sales when they are available and not wait until you will actually need them. Buying the machines and accessories when they have the price is better than getting them right when you need them most and paying double or triple for them.

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Home improvement projects can be fun, if they are planned well so that you save more money while making your dream home look like it was cut out of a magazine.

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