How to Take Great Photos at Home

Easy home makeover

Bloggers usually rely on visuals to portrait the message they want to send over to their readers, who even if they read the articles, they still get more meaning from the photos.

From simple outfit looks that style blogger usually take, to flat lays, family portraits, newborn baby pictures products photos and many more, all have the same thing in common: background.

If you are a fashion, beauty or lifestyle blogger, you do work with product photography and sometimes I feel the need to work with the decor a bit and make the photos stand out by bringing the story in a little bit. This is difficult sometimes because that means redecorating and it’s not always in hand to do that.

But I found there are other ways in doing the exact same thing. Using backdrops, big panels, curtains of floor-mat backdrops that change the whole scene in just a few seconds.


And they come in so many different themes that you would might just want to save up a room to fill it with such backgrounds for any idea you might have. Like this bokeh backdrop that easily saves you a few hours of work.

Surely you can easily prep things up with basic curtains or some panels from the local hobby store, and they might just do the job really well, but the drawback is that you might not pick the right material for doing that.

Sheer curtains might ruin the light, instead of reflecting it they might absorb the light and ruin the photo. A panel might not be as opaque as you want it and after taking the photos you realize you need to work and extra 2-3 hours in Photoshop to fix that problem you never took into account.

I myself struggled with product pictures or outfit look while the weather was really bad outside and I need to take photos inside. From ironing meters of curtains and fixing them again in Photoshop for a few hours to painting a whole wall just to have for photoshoots. I have tried them all.

Still the easier way is to buy the backdrop you want and set it up when you need it. Downside is that you need space to store it, but then again, there are downsides with everything else as well.




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