How to wear cuffed jeans

Cuffed jeans are still in fashion nowmatter what anyone says. They are super trendy and versatile because yes, cuffed jeans are any type of jeans that have cuffs, so you can adapt them to your style.

cuffed jeans

According to your silhouette, you can go for either skinny, straight or maybe a more baggy type like boyfriend jeans. High waist, medium or low waist, you name it, cuffed jeans come in all types, color and also lenghts. You can pick capri jeans or maybe long cuffed jeans to wear with your favorite sneakers or loafers.

Are cuffed jeans only for summer?

cuffed jeans fashion

Not actually. You can wear them all year long if you style them appropriatelly.

In summer, cuffed jeans look amazing with high heeled sandals or stiletto pumps. Go for a high waisted design and pair them up with a crop top to emphasize the long legs.  Boyfriend jeans are super trendy now so you only need to create a cuff for them to upgrade the look.

 boyfriend cuffed jeans

For autumn you can pick some cool booties and interesting stockings that would show between the jeans and the boot. Go for contrasting textures and achieve a super trendy outfit with not much effort.

 how to wear cuffed jeans

Winter is all about over the knee boots. So try some capri cuffed jeans and wear them with over the knee boots underneath. The effect is really wow and it will be comfortable too while keeping an edgy feel to it at the same time.

How to make yourself a pair of cuffed jeans

If you don’t one by now, you might be tempted to buy a pair. But you can get the look for less if you modify a pair you already own. Pick a type of jeans that are not too skinny nor too elastic.

Cut the trim at the bottom and roll it up as high as you want it. You can go for a wide cuff or just  a slimmer version, the choice is yours. To be sure they will stay as you want them to, grab a needle and thread and sew along the side seams, just a bit to ensure the fit. Play with the inside out shades and pick either to roll it inside out or just as a shirt cuff and keep the same shade as they are on the outside.

There are so many options, it all resumes to how creative you want to be and how far you will go with styling these jeans

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