How to pick over the knee boots

High boots can make your legs look slimmer and long


Even though they seem pretty complicated to style for many of us, high boots are not that hard to incorporate in day to day looks..

The most important thing is actually the very first step: choosing the type of boot, the material they are made of, the width and length. All must be chosen according to your silhouette, personal style and height.

Like every-time, I advise you to go and try as many pairs as possible, different styles to get an idea about what they could look like on you.

Finding the right boots is also about personal choice of course, but it is important to look at the whole picture.

Tips for buying over the knee boots

The tips would rather relate more to the way you would go shopping. The chosen outfit should be created in such a manner that you can easily put them on and  get an idea of ​​how you could look with a pair of long boots. If you want your next pair of boots to look amazing with dresses and skirts, then choose such a piece for the day of shopping.

The worst idea would be to go in a pair of straight or flared jeans. If you still want to wear your boots with skinny jeans, then you can opt for such a pair for the day you’re going to try them on, but keep in mind that over jeans they might be a perfect fit while if you choose a dress, they might slide down.


How we choose boots over knees

When it comes to width, they should not be too narrow or too wide to slide down. For this reason, the best option is to get them custom made. This design aspect might make or break your choice. Your legs might look slimmer or thicker according to how to boots fit your legs.

Most of the time, glossy leather boots are not as good as those that have a matte or velvet finish. Avoid exotic prints and textures if you do not have thin and long legs.

Laced up boots might look good, on some ladies. I have tried a few pairs, and they don’t flatter my silhouette as much as a simple pair. But there are some variations here as well. The lacing might be wide, or thin, so they way they look on you will be according to this also, etc.

The length is chosen after trying a few different design. I love my boots that come with a palm above my knees. It seems to me that that version look better on me.

Surely there are so many style you can choose from, but the main thing to consider is trying them on so you would feel and look perfect in them.


I like to match high boots with shorter dresses or skirts, and shorts during autumn-spring. And you?

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