Is the Srillex Undercut still famous?

Even if it might look like a fairly new trend, the undercut hairstyle dates back in the Edwardian era, the 1920-1030’s. It has been made fairly famous again in 2014 by the Dub DJ Skrillex and then rapidly adopted by many female artists making this edgy haircut super famous again.

You might just remember maybe not Skrillex, but Rihanna, Cassie or Miley Cyrus rockin this haircut a few years ago. And maybe it’s not the case for you, but I really craved to have the courage to take that brave cut.

skrillex undercut

Disadvantages of getting a Skrillex undercut:

If you want to your hair back, it might look look very weird. If it’s not fairly easy to style it in order to get a decent hairstyle it would look too masculine. ( at least in my opinion)

If you want to grow it back while having the rest of your hair still long, then it might just be a bit weird.

All eyes on you. If you want something that will get you noticed in a crowd, this is something that will definitely help, ad some vivid colors to it, like purple, and there is no way anyone could miss you.

But the good thing about a cool undercut is that you can experiment with so many edgy variations for bot casual and elegant looks. A curly updo will surely look very bold and yet elegant with one side shaved. Go for some statement earrings and the dress can be purely a LBD to balance everything off. There is nothing that could top this look.

cassie skrillex undercut

“Fake”undercuts are very cute too

side sweep hairstyle
safe undercut hairstyle

I know I wanted to get this haircut a while ago, but I was afraid of two things.

  • That it wouldn’t look good on me
  • That I won’t be able to grow it back properly without needing to cut all my hair short.

The first point was easily fixable because there are so many safe versions I could try out. Side sweeps, crown-braids and twists that could mimic the real thing. And I liked it actually, but still I was afraid of nb.2

And this actually prevented me from getting a Skrillex undercut. I had a bob hairstyle few years ago and I loved it, but when I wanted to grow it back, it was really frustrating because the length in between didn’t flatter me at all, so I gave up.

But I did and still do try the “fake”undercuts because I find them so cool. Maybe these could get you inspired for your own demo of the Skrillex undercut trend we all love but are too afraid to get under the machine and say “shave it”!

But is this haircut still famous right now? Maybe not very, but I am sticking to the: if you like it and it suits you, wear it. It doesn’t matter if it’s in trend if you actually like it. 😉 Go with the flow!

What are your thoughts on this hairstyle? Going for the real deal of just trying the safe versions?

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