It’s the BOOT season

This season is all about BOOTS.
I think these are my favorite types of shoes,  after sneakers of course.
I prefer lower heels just because I can’t really walk in tall heels and because they are more comfortable too. Combat boots, studded, anything with  metallic details I’ll just love.
Neutral colors mainly but I do love red, burgundy too, mostly because they are easier to mix and match. But let’s talk a bit about more styling ideas and possibilities.
Boots are very versatile if their design is simple, without many embellishments. On the other hand, you can make an outfit pop, if you pick edgier designs. So how do you pick you boots?
Here are some tips.
Neutral, comfortable, ankle boots would make your  legs look thinner, taller, perfect right?
You can wear them all year around. Spring/summer with cool shorts, loose T-shirts, shirts, casual dresses even. In autumn with a thick lace dress, and maybe a wool coat or leather jacket. Winter is all about keeping yourself warm. Jeans and a cool warm sweater, a fur hat and a woolen coat. Perfect investement!
Knee high boots are always sexy with short dresses, shorts, but don’t get too skimpy.
To spice up your outfit, get bold colors, prints, buckles etc. but keep your outfit simpler, don’t exaggerate. What will you pick?

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