It’s Time for Burgundy

Classic Roselyn – DW

You might have observed I had a thing for burgundy and recently a bit for purple.

But burgundy is an old love that always keeps reviving whenever I fall in love with something like a jacket, shoes, a cool hat or this super fabulous watch from Daniel Wellington. So classy, yet casual an urban at the same time. I can’t explain how this design can be so elegant and versatile at the same time. I also have a brown leather strap version that I got a few years back.

I have prepared a boho look for this watch but the rainy weather we had lately spoiled all my plans in shooting the outfit for you. So this needs to wait a bit more because I do want to get the best pictures.


daniel wellington watch


Until I manage to get some good weather around here you can shop for your own favorite watch by Daniel Wellington on their official website.

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daniel wellington watch

Mine is Classic Roselyn in silver



daniel wellington watch

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