Knit Sweater Dress

Knitted or sweater dresses as they are also called are the hit pieces in the cold season. They are simple to style, comfortable and layer-able.

For some women, wearing dresses is a day to day style staple, so ditching dresses when it is very cold outside is not something they will want to try. But luckily, we have knitted dresses that could easily be styled for casual and both elegant outfits according to the destination you will be wearing them at. Try searching for women’s dresses in online shops to get the best deals, I always do that because comparing is much easier.

I am not a big dresses fan, at least not on a daily basis because I do prefer the extra comfort pants give you, or me, because it’s a personal opinion. I always go for casual versions so in this post I tried to create fashionable yet very comfy outfits that feature the all famous Sweater Dress.

Most of the time with the looks I try out, I always tend to make it easily convertible. Like the heeled boots can be swapped for some flat combat boots. Comfy with a an edgy rock inspiration.

knitted sweater dress
casual dress
casual maxi sweater dress
casual maxi dress

Types of knit sweater dresses

There are so many types of sweater dress or just big sweaters worn as dresses by the petite( like me), but I will just pinpoint a few that are much more common on the market.

The bodycon sweater dress

It’s really fitted and usually sported with boots. I like the shape of this type of dress, but it doesn’t flatter me after I had a good meal, if you know what I mean. Surely if you have a slim body figure, you will get away with the perfect outfit if you match this dress with some laced up knee high laced up boots and an oversized down coat.

The knitted maxi dress

This is not the typical sweater dress you might have in your closet, but it’s surely a show-stopper this season, so why not give it a try. If you’d like to stand out , keep yourself warm and still be comfortable, the maxi dress is what you are looking for. Try wearing it with some ankle boots, especially if there is a side slit – like mine has. Focus on details like layering necklaces and pairing it up with some leather gloves maybe. Hats or beanies always go well with sweater dresses and they keep warm too – the best accessory!

The oversized sweater dress

This is my kind of dress when it comes to knits. This has a loose fit and the vibe is much more casual. I like clothes that don’t necessarily stick to me; this way I can move freely and they don’t make me look bloated or fat. IF you would ask me what footwear to match with a knitted sweater dress,I would say combat boots. I think this is the perfect mix for comfy, edgy looks. If you want to do something different for the styling, try some cool tights, maybe a belt, a big scarf or just a cool jacket over it.

sweater dress and leather vest
black sweater dress
red sleeves dress

The cardigan dress

And the last but not least on my list is the cardigan dress. A buttoned down dress that can easily be integrated into a preppy chic look with a shirt underneath. I would wear it as a cardigan rather than a dress because I don’t think it would flatter me as much. Versatile dresses like this are perfect for a capsule wardrobe that you plan on reinventing to infinity. Best investment if you are a fan of this style.

Where to wear these knit dresses?

Depending on the style you chose, you are able to wear it for a day at the office if it’s simple and you don’t have fancy dress code at work. Wear it on a first date or just for going out with your girl for a shopping spree. A cabana party is the perfect place to add some bling bling to your knits. Add sparkly jewelry and maybe high heels to spice things up a bit. Still, try to stay on the more simple, casual side because the texture of the fabric basically calls for effortless fashion.

casual knitted dress
oversized sweater dress

Shopping tips:

Don’t try on your sweater dress over other pieces of clothing because it will look bad no-matter the design.

Be sure to invest in high quality fabrics as they will keep you warm and last a lifetime if you wash it accordingly.

Read the labels before washing your dresses. You will thank me for this.

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