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You probably already heard me say I didn’t like having drawings as tattoos, on myself of course. Still, last year I found the perfect design to suit my personality. I never draw a tattoo on myself just for the sake of looking good. It has to mean something to me because that way I could never regret having it.

Going to the tattoo parlor and getting a tattoo out of the catalog is not my cup of tea. I actually find it really sad kind of. Having to draw something on your body just for the sake of being cool?

But yes, it is addictive and you will want more, but be sure you get the right ones that go with your lifestyle, preferences and of course personality.

I think lace inspired tattoos look really amazing on women.

I got my lace tattoo designed by Dushky and I have to say it’s perfect. You may remember the whole story here.

Simple, clean, art will emphasize a beautiful body, so why not go for subtle designs even if they are intricate. They will surely appear more elegant than some weird drawing like tribal which I can’t really understand. The worst idea a girl can have when it comes to a tattoo is getting the lower back tattooed with a tribal sign or something. I find it ugly!

As for my future tattoo plans, well, I want to fix an old one, and get a new one. So 2 more tattoos this year, very soon.

I kinda know what I want but I still want to hear any suggestions you might have. So shoot!

Here are some cool lace tattoo designs I found on pinterest. Maybe they could inspire you for a first or next tattoo.

lace tattoo


lace tattoo


lace tattoo

lace tattoo


lace tattoo

Garter belt:

lace tattoo

Skull Tattoo

lace tattoo


lace tattoo

Foot tattoo:

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