Leather jacket outfits

How to style a timeless leather jacket

Leather jacket outfits always look a bit dapper, a bit grunge and all the way cool. They never get out of style and I don’t think I have said this enough times.
The leather jacket has a rich history behind it firstly being worn by pilots as a protective layer of clothing.
Nowadays we wear it because it’s cool and it can turn any dull outfit into something edgy.

I have a few leather jackets that I really love; different colors and textures but my all time favorite will surely be the moto black leather jacket.
From casual looks to more edgy glam outfits, you can play with this versatile piece as much as your imagination can run wild.

When I started designing my BAD style line, I based my clothes around silk and leather g can easily combinations because I found the mix really elegant and edgy at the same time. Maxi silk dresses with rough leather belts and harness details. So this kind of outfit could actually depict my own dressing style as well.

Leather jacket outfits to try out this summer

A few years ago I styled a prom dress with a leather jacket and it had a huge success. Everyone loved the mix as much as I did. Even if it’s an unexpected mix, the textures look really cool together.

living in a fairytale

Prom leather jacket look

Going to a fashion related event might mean you need to level it up a bit. A chiffon printed dress with over the knee studded boots and a fuchsia leather jacket is the mix to go for. Edgy, yet comfy and chic at the same time.

suede leather

Suede fuchsia leather jacket look

Festival fashion is all around us during the summer and this type of outfit is up my alley. The lace up pencil skirt with a mesh splicing top and studded boots is straight up rock and roll. The tassel be ditched for a quilted backpack that looks as good but it’s a bit more practical when it comes to having free hands.

urban outfit leather skirt

Laced up pencil skirt

Not a very casual outfit, but still very cool if you are going to a party. A sequined skirt, patent leather combat boots and the right amount of rock infusion with this leather jacket designed by me.

military sequin skirt leather jacket

Sequined skirt and leather jacket


An outfit that probably everyone tried at least once is the classic, jeans, T-shirt, sneakers and leather jacket outfit we all love. Can it get more simple that that?


don'worry be naughty handpainted topCasual leather jacket look

How do you like to style your leather jacket?

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