Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

How to wear leather skirts

Leather skirts have been up on the runways for decades and this sexy phenomenon won’t stop yet. So an infusion of leather skirt outfit ideas just before the chhange of season might just make you refresh your wardrobe. Agree?

I love leather skirts because they are easy to mix and match for so many occasions and they never get out of style.

All the leather or faux leather skirts I own are different, mostly in texture because I prefer the cut to be simple and I will tell you why. Being such a pretentious fabric, with a slightly glossy finish, it would accentuate the hips and waistline. Surely, if you are very tall and your figure is super slim, this aspect won’t affect your image. But I am kinda short and not extra skinny so I need to keep this in mind whenever I buy a new leather skirt.


Leather skirt outfit ideas that anyone can try out.

From super casual mixes like adding a funny printed cotton T-shirt or a loose blouse and some sneakers to office inspired liked, you can surely find something that matches your style an existing wardrobe, of course.

If you love leather, don’t be shy- mix it up! Use textures, layers and add character to your daily outfits. Leather look pants or leather look skirts with suede jackets and knitted tops. It’s casual, it’s comfortable and yet very edgy. sounds great? It sure does to me.

How about a more elegant touch? Try a high waisted pencil skirt with a silk top, big statement necklace, a small clutch and some gold sandals?  Not your usual cocktail mix, but one that will surely attract all eye on you.

Looking for a more fancy office like inspired mix? Try a simple leather skirt, matte leather of course, with a light-colored shirt and a simple suit blazer. Don’t get your heels to high, go for medium or low heels so that you won’t go overboard with it.


To get you inspired, I prepped up some of my favorite looks.



leather skirt lace top

Leather skirt Lace top

leather skirt silk shirt outfit

Leather pencil skirt and silk shirt

leather skirt

Croc textured leather skirt

Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

Leather skirt and T-shirt outfit 

Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

Leather lace up skirt

Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

Zipped leather skirt

Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

Flower bandeau and leather skirt

Found your favorite leather skirt outfit? Which is it?


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