Marketing Ninjas in Amsterdam

Spontaneous Trip in the City of Freedom

From one thing to another we found ourselves buying plane tickets and booking hotels for a city break in Amsterdam. Besides many indecisions because our timetable didn’t match we finally picked the dates and settled for this adventure.

Have I told you what great colleagues I have? I know I did! It was one of the best trips I have ever had.

We left on a sunny Saturday from Timisoara and got pretty lucky along the way. Even if the weather forecast for Amsterdam wasn’t very positive, we arrived in full summer. The sun was shinning and the average temperature was just right for a T-shirt and lightweight jacket.

The first day was all bout wondering these beautiful streets and getting used to the whole feeling of the city of freedom.

Sunday was reserved for more cultural activities. We went to Rijkmuseum and got a nice boat tour on the canals. Also tried the famous fries but was pretty disappointed about them.  In the evening we went to watch the game and dance. It was really fun!

So as probably expected, Monday was shopping day, but not only. We wondered around the tiny streets and found so many special offers. Too bad our luggage was very small because we would have surely bought much more. Having a small trolley is sometimes a good thing because most of the time you’d do some impulsive shopping when travelling. This time, and also in Berlin the week before I really behaved and bought very few items and all on sale. I must say I am proud of myself for this. We also visited Madame Tussaud’s wax museum but I was not impressed. Later, we went to a karaoke night and of course our colleague Emilia sang two songs on the stage!

Amsterdam is beautiful inside out. Amazing architecture, parks, wildlife, canals to very friendly and peaceful people. So many cultural mixes that you could easily feel at home anywhere. Great service and good food almost at every restaurant.

I can’t actually compare it with any other city I have visited so far, it’s unique. If it wasn’t on your wishlist until now, you should write it down!


vondel park amsterdam

amsterdam boat tour

rijks museum

amsterdam boat tour

amsterdam buildings to visit

amsterdam buildings to visit

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heineken experience amsterdam amsterdam buildings to visit amsterdam buildings to visittrip-to-amsterdam

amsterdam-tripamsterdam boat tour breakfast in amsterdam


amsterdam buildings to visit canals in Amsterdam canals in Amsterdam buildings in amsterdam buildings in amsterdam canals in Amsterdam

canals in Amsterdam 13621926_1289952047700941_201382515_o (Copy)



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