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Matching outfits are fun ways to create cute photos that will surely spark a smile and a great memory over the year when looking back in your family album.

As I am writing this, I can’t actually believe that I went for this, because a while ago, just before I became a mother myself, I though they were too cheese and that I will never go for it. But as the saying goes: Never say never, I do think this is actually cute.

But there are indeed some variations that are not so nice, in my opinion, so I will try to give you a piece of my vision on how to achieve a dozen of mother daughter matching outfits.

How to pick the right design for matching outfits

Mom dress and baby dress – An important aspect to keep in mind is that you obviously have different ages so you might want to scale that up and think of the type of outfit you are going for. Sure, it’s cute to see a young mom in pink stockings and a tutu skirt, but would you see yourself wearing it on the street? Go for something more casual maybe, that you can adapt for both you and your baby girl. A summer dress or maybe just matching T-shirts might be a great way to test out this trend.

mother daughter dresses

Don’t do identical – pick similar

As you might have observed in my post, the dresses are not identical. The fabric and print are the same, but the cut is different. Surely I could have went for a dress just like hers, but the other way around would have not been a good idea. That type of cut is not meant for kids, at least from my point of view. I really like the fact that they appear very similar but they are not indeed the same. When picking out dresses for kids, you need to be sure the fabric is right and that the style will not make her feel uncomfortable at all. Matching outfits shouldn’t look staged, on the contrary, they should look very natural.

matching outfits
mother and baby dress

Mother and baby boy

This is more fun because you just have to match a few elements and not the whole look. But still, a fancy mom dressed with some tweed trousers and a shirt might just be a great idea if you are looking for a show stopping look without going overboard with too many elements. Try a dark blue shift dress and dress up the boy with a pair of white linnen trousers and a dark blue shirt. An idea is to match the color of your shoes too as a fun touch.

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