Melancholic state of mind

 I am feeling really moody these days, not much energy and I would sleep all day(not that I have the time to sleep), but really I would. Do you know any cures for this? I would really appreciate some advice on this matter.
I am working on some super cool items for this season and I would be curious if you would like to see them.So?
I have good enws form Romwe too. They are having a 48 h super sales for autumn items, you should look.
As usual, only 48 hours, and all are $19.99, super slim price, right?
Don’t miss it, my girl, you will find your style, I believe.  
Check out the sale! 

Zilele astea ma cam dispera starea mea de spirit care e tare schimbatoare si in plus, imi vine sa dorm non stop, nu ca as avea timp…. Daca aveti vreun leac pentru treaba asta as aprecia daca mi-ati spune si mie .
Acum lucrez la niste piese pentru toamna tare interesante. Sunteti curiosi sa le vedeti?
Am vesti bune si de la Romwe, preturi incepand de la 19.99$ la produsele de toamna. 
Suna bine nu?
Dureaza doar 48 de ore.

 Top: Bershka
Shorts:no name
Bag: Choies
Shoes: Altogradimento
Bracelet: B.A.D. style
Rings: Bellast
Watch: Michael Kors

 Photos by Veres Krisztian


  1. Subscriu antevorbitoarei mele, geanta este superbă.
    De fapt îmi place întreaga combinaţie, pantalonii se văd perfect în combinaţie cu cizmele.

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