Mixing textures

The cold season might not give us many opportunities to create stylish looks, but that doesn’t mean we have to wear dull clothes just because we need to keep ourselves warm.

Staying on the safe side with layering warm clothes might keep us healthy but we shouldn’t just settle for less.

Ideas for stylish looks

Even if we put warmth first rather than style, there are some small tricks hat help us spice up our daily outfits.


My favorite tip, and I don’t think I have said it enough times,  playing with textures can change a simple  & comfortable look into a really stylish  outfit. From fluffy sweaters, leather jackets or skirts, to fine fur coats and sparkly details, there are tons of variations you can try.


Just like textures, layers can create an artistic visual if you know how to use them according to your body type. Still, if you are a tall woman, then layering is a piece of cake for you. Basically all lengths will flatter your figure so no need to waste time on that. Short women need to be extra careful about layering so they don’t appear shorter and fatter  than they really are. As a general rule, emphasize your waistline so your legs would look longer. If you create your outfit around this rule, you will never go wrong.

Color mixes

Some say don’t wear white in winter, other say bright colors are for Spring and summer, but there is nothing more wrong than this. If you want to stand out, pick bright mixes that catch your attention. The best example here is this contrasting outfit created by Georgiana. I simply love the beret and coat mix because of the intense contrast it creates.


And last but not least, the creative power of prints. It’s so easy to just add a bit of something something with a printed coat for example. IF you don’t like bright, abstract prints, just go for the classics: black and white stripes or leopard prints will make a difference.

So whats your go to secret tip when it comes to dressing up in a more creative way this winter?

how to wear a zebra coat

Click to see what I am wearing

Coat: Choies / Skirt: Rosegal / Sweater: Rosegal / Hat: Zaful / Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff

fur pompom hat


quilted backpack fashion


red purple hair by pravana


mixing textures

ombre sweater styling


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