Multicoloured Hair

Life’s too short for boring hair


The first time I ever dyed my hair I picked red. Since then I never went far from this color, maybe just added a few more just to spice everything up. I love multicoloured hair and I don’t think I could ever go back to my natural color, not too soon anyway.

Colored hair, don’t care

I had short hair, long hair, red hair, with dashes of purple, black, blonde, orange, pink even blue. Recently I discovered PRAVANA while browsing  Guy Tang’s  Instagram profile. I love his work and always wondered what dyes he uses because I wanted to to try them out. The first color I bought was purple and it got to me. I tried orange, a dark pink, coral, another shade of purple and red.

One thing I would love to try is getting a purple-red-orange ombre, but that means I have to bleach it entirely and right now I am not so sure I would want to do that.

Never go blonde

If we are still talking about hair colors, I have to admit I would never try to go blonde, I don’t like that color on myself and I think it would never look good. I can’t see myself any other color(maybe just purple or orange) other than red. I feel like this color represents me more than any natural color. I tried to go back to dark brown( my natural color)  but that lasted only about a week. I felt dull and couldn’t wait to get some fire back. It was probably the longest week of my life.

Have you ever tried getting your hair coloured in more than 2 shades? What color would you never try?

Any special dyes you would recommend?

Would you like a colorful contest?

I am thinking of having a contest for girls( from Timisoara) that love having colors in their hair. I would be giving away such a T-shirt to the winner. Will think this over after coming back from my vacation. Stay tuned and keep your color fresh;)

multicoloured hair pravana

life is too short for boring hair

Top& Vest: B.A.D. style/ Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Shorts: DIY / Boots: Monti Shoes

handpainted vest

rock chic

life is too short for boring hair

multicoloured hair

handpainted studded vest

rock chic


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