What You Must Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is of course exciting. But, before the question is asked, finding the perfect ring may not be the most romantic experience – there is so much research to do and plenty you need to know about. So, here are some things you should know before you buy that ring.


  1. Her Preferred Style

You need to know that engagement rings are made up of two important parts: the setting, which includes the band, and the diamond. Many women prefer to pick the style of their ring or at least give their man a few different styles to pick from and then let him take care of everything else. It’s the setting, though, that dictates the end result, yet the diamond plays a big role in how the ring will shine and sparkle.

  1. The Shape and Cut

Another important decision you’ll have to make is the diamond shape. These stones come in a huge range of shapes such as rectangular, square, round, oval, and many others. Round diamonds are the most popular for engagement rings, though, as they are usually optimized to reflect optima light and are exceptionally symmetrical.

  1. The Metal

Many engagement rings are made from yellow or white gold or platinum. Different metals each have their own benefits and downfalls that you should know about. Check the wide range of engagement rings offered by trusted jewellers such as Diamondqueensland.com.au. Platinum is certainly the most durable as it tends to wear better than other precious metals. However, white gold looks very similar to platinum but will lose its brightness over time and show off a yellow tint.

  1. The Size of the Ring

This may be a subtle detail, but it is very important to know about when buying an engagement ring. If you want to keep a level of secrecy about your proposal, make sure you find out her ring size early enough, so you don’t have to scramble to find it out just before buying the ring.

There are plenty of different ways to find out her ring size without her knowing, but obviously the most accurate way is to measure her finger or ask her if she knows her ring finger size.

  1. Considering Different Opinions

Even with her guidance, you should still find out exactly who she trusts the most to pick a ring that will make her delighted. Whether it’s her best friend, her mother, or someone else, it should be someone that has an excellent understanding of her personal style and the kind of engagement ring she has her heart set on. The people she trusts the most may play the biggest role in your final purchasing decision, and they are likely to offer a great deal of help and insight while helping you keep the proposal a surprise.


Before you start shopping for the engagement ring, be sure to set a budget and stick to it, and read up about the 4Cs of diamonds so that you know what to look for in a diamond engagement ring.

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