Mustard Please! Sweater That Is

I love mustard! I could eat it just like that on a piece of toast, but the color… I used to hate.

I never could understand why this color actually existed. It looked like a dirty yellow which I also hated because of the school uniform. I used to avoid anything yellow for years during and after finishing high-school.

tassel cardigan

Few years back, I saw a knitted pullover in a cute yellow shade. You might have seen me wearing it with some leather boots and a tassel cardigan over it. It was love at first sight, not sure why, but I loved it. Since then I got 2 more pullovers and a few yellow T-shirts like the one with “Honey“. I think I went passed the resistance of wearing yellow and mustard.

mustard sweater
mustard sweater
mustard sweater

This look is a mix of elements I love to play with when creating a look. Textures & volumes while keeping everything on the comfortable side.

Wool skirt and boots, plus a warm sweater and a cute tassel cardigan that tops up the look.

winter fashion

Ready for Spring now! How about you?

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