What You Need to Buy ON SALE This Autumn

Sale time is always a good time to add extra staple pieces to your wardrobe every season.

Smart Shopping on a Budget

When talking about smart shopping on a budget, I always make a list of things I need, I want and afford.

Of course things you need and want don’t actually have a defined line between the two, so you might think you need a certain piece when in reality you just badly want that item.

So to help you out a bit, the difference between things you need and want is strictly related to how often you will wear them and how they could match your existing wardrobe. This having said, you should make a list of interesting pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes you would want and see which of them you actually need and take them on a short list.

When talking about things you can afford, you should contour a budget that you can adjust just a bit. I always have a realistic budget I would stick to, but if I do find something I really really want and it’s on sale, I do splurge a bit over the budget. Mostly I love to spend more on shoes and accessories like handbags because I fell that they can actually transform a whole outfit and they are more versatile than a dress for example.

Taking these few points into account you might want to see what’s on the shopping list for this autumn.

If you don’t own any jelly shoes by now, you need to get these on the list. Vivienne Westwood knows how to have fun while designing and dressing up of course. Jelly heels and ballerina flats are really hot this year too. Wear them this autumn with a tartan dress or skirt and cool tights. This is all about what Vivienne would pull out as a casual outfit, if you can use casual and Vivienne in the same sentence.

vivienne westwood shoes on sale

love the sales shoes

Vivienne Westwood ON SALE

If you found the right heels for autumn, you might want to get a statement mini skirt. Pu patent leather or fringed details are to die for! For a rock chic attitude, these are the styles that will make you stand out of the crowd this year, next year and for years to come. even if they are edgy, they won’t go out of style too soon. Investing in a Topshop skirt on sale is always a great idea.

pu leather topshop skirt

fringed skirt on sale

And what I love to spend my money on every time, sneakers. And not any sneakers but Converse sneakers that will never, I repeat, never go out of style! From crazy colors to metallic textures, you can never go wrong with a pair of cool All Stars that will literally rock your whole wardrobe. So are you buying a new pair of Converse on sale? Of course you are!

lovethesales converse sneakers

fuchsia converse sneakers on sale

gold converse sneakers on sale


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