Neutral Colours Fashion

The motto: Fashion fades but style remains really is something we should all take into consideration when buying clothing. Neutral colours fashion puts together the main elements to take into account when building an outfit. Neutral colors are white, beige, greys and black. They look great mixed together and also separataely associated with other colors. So even if you are someone that loves colorful outfits, neutrals should be integrated into your basic pieces of clothing.

With all the fast fashion retailers and the pollution we actually contribute too by buying too much stuff we do not actually need, we should all take some time and think about basics. When I say basics I mean those staple pieces of clothing we need in our wardrobe, ones that we can always rely on when we do not know what to wear, and those that could be worn in more than 2-3 ways. These are the actual pieces of garments we should invest in, high quality fabrics and seams that will last more than a season or two.

Maybe it’s a cliche but black is the best color. Versatile, easy to asociate with any other color, it slims down (at least it give that ilussion), it’s always appropriate and it never goes out of style. I love black probably as much as I love burgundy, marsala, wine, red and dark purple for that matter and that’s why I go for these shades when buying new clothing items or even accessories of shoes. They would fit my wardrobe easily and I could mix and match them with almost everything I already own.

If you want to get started in organizing your wardrobe, here are some ideas on why neutral colours fashion might be a good idea to start with.

Get your pen and start writing the list

The black knitted dress

If you pick the right one, you can wear at all year long. The black knitted dress falls into the neutral colours fashion line and it could be considered a staple as the elegant  LBD. I went for a short sleeved knitted dress that I could easily wear with both elegant looks and casual ones as well. Combat boots and high heels might look eaqually as well. If the weather is not that friendly, black stockings would nicely complete the look without making it too extravagant. Dots, lines or mesh designs could be a cool choice, depending on the overall style of the outfit.

sweater dress
Sweater Dress

The beige crop trousers

Elegant trousers incorporated into casual looks is something really popular lately. I have a black pair and now this beige pair that can be as versatile as it’s black version. Neutrals will look great together so why not go for a simple elegant style trouser with a casual cool top. Either sandals in summers, pumps in spring and autumn or combat boots that will give the whole outfit  a little more edge. Easy to play with, crop tailored trousers can be considered neutral fashion pieces.

beige crop trousers
Beige trousers

The timeless mom jeans

Even if I am not a big fan of classic mom jeans, I have to admit that they are really a timeless garment that;s both trendy and easy to accessorize. Crop tops, fun printed T-shirts, silk tops and even business shirts will go as well with such a jean cut. high heels, sneakers or even winter boots will make the cut, so there is no reason for you to skip this style. Buy one pair and you will thank me later.

ripped mom jeans
Ripped mom jeans
distressed mom jeans

The simple black bodysuit

This is the LBD of tops. It will work with basically anything you’d want. An elegant skirt, a cool pair of jeans, maybe even shorts. From classic to elegant to edgy and even casual, this bodysuit will never let you down. Pick it to fit in the neutral colours fashion list and you’re ready, set go for the season.

black bodysuit
Black bodysuit

What are the must have items you will put on your list?

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