Outfits to Highlight your Thigh High Socks

Fall is on its way, so it’ll be too cold for bare legs and too warm for a winter coat. It’s time to bust out those thigh high socks! Thigh high socks spice up your wardrobe and they’re super flattering as they elongate the leg. It’s nice to be able to replace boring tights or pants with something a touch more daring and fashionable.

Thigh high socks are for the risk-taker. They certainly bring more attention to your outfit, so it pays to have the rest of your ensemble properly complementing these socks

Having said that, there’s no reason you can’t wear thigh high socks in virtually any setting; you just need to ensure your other clothing items are appropriate and affording you enough coverage. Thigh high socks are really versatile and should be a useful weapon in your wardrobe arsenal.

thigh high socks

Thigh High Socks with a Short Dress

If you’re worried about getting started with thigh high socks, start with a dark neutral black, navy, or brown. They’ll go with anything and your outfit will remain looking balanced.

Neutral color thigh high socks like a nice gray are a good way to introduce thigh high socks to your wardrobe as they work with anything and don’t particularly draw attention to themselves. 

Pair your thigh high socks with a short dress and professional shoes. As the weather cools, wear a swing jacket over a printed dress to keep you covered. Accessories like an understated watch and simple pendant necklace will complete a look that can be used both on a college campus or at work.

Cream-colored thigh high socks should be your next purchase, as they will go with just about anything. For a coordinated look, choose from your lighter-hued clothes and browns. A pleated mini skirt is an option; layer opaque tights under your skirt if you’re worried the skirt isn’t affording you enough coverage.

thigh high socks

Thigh high socks as an Alternative to Leggings

Any outfit that you’d wear leggings with can be paired with thigh high socks or over the knee high socks instead. Wintery skirts and sweater dresses come to mind.

Textured socks add detail to your outfit. Sheer knee high socks or fishnets add interest to your outfit, but be sure to pair them with classy, dressy pieces. For example, wear a black cocktail dress with a pair of sheer black knee high socks. 

Get your Shoe Game in Order

What makes or breaks a thigh high look is the pair of shoes you match them with. As a general rule, oxford heels and mary-janes look great with thigh high socks, and most ballet flats too. Try pairing pumps, but get a second opinion. Boots are a good accompaniment to thigh highs.

When choosing heels for a classy look, keep the color in balance with your socks, particularly if you’re wearing knee high socks.

For a casual look, pair flats with your socks. A great look is flats, patterned skirt, knee high socks, and a neutral top.

thigh high socks

The Transition from Summer to Fall with Thigh High Socks

Still loving your summer dresses? Over the knee socks are the friends you need to keep that look rocking for another month or two. Take your favorite summer dress, add a stylish jacket, pull on your thigh high socks, and stick them in a pair of chic boots. Voila!

Thigh High Socks with a Sweater

Alternatively, as things get colder, throw on a knit sweater and a solid-color skirt. In this case, the skirt should be about knee-length to avoid a skimpy look. Put your hands by your side. If your skirt is longer than your fingers reach, you should be good to go. 

Thigh High Socks with Shorts

A more daring way to ride the thigh high sock trend is to pair your thigh high socks with boots and shorts. For this look, long boots work best, leaving enough space for your patterned socks to show above them. Cuffed denim shorts and a stylish jacket finish up the look.

Thigh High Socks with a Dress and Heels

Looking for that model-on-her-day-off look? All you need is a dark sweater dress, a pair of simple thigh high socks, and peep-toe high heel shoes. Accessorize with a glamorous hat and a pendant necklace. 

As stated, thigh high socks are really versatile and you shouldn’t be afraid to switch to them. Pair them with work-appropriate attire and you add a level of spice to a printed dress, or use them to great effect for rock-chick chic.

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