DIY Anti-cellulite Body Scrub

 Many of you asked me to do some beauty posts about my skin care routine. This is a DIY body scrub that I always use and it makes my skin very soft. You should really try it because it is also great for cellulite and new stretchmarks.
You need an empty cream jar to store it in, because you can use one batch 2-3 days in a row.
Get some coffee grounds, olive oil , lemon essential oil, hot pepper oil , grapefruit esential oil , almond oil and mix them together. You will have to put only a few drops of hot pepper oil because it is very concentrated and you might burn your skin. The consistency should be kind of think, like a paste. Use it once a day after you shower. 
You can also use it as a mask on your legs by wrapping yourself with osmotic film that you have in your kitchen.
Have you tried this?
Multe dintre voi m-ati rugat sa va spun despre felul in care imi ingrijesc pielea. Aceasta este un material despre scrub-ul pe care il folosesc eu.Este usor de facut si lasa pielea foarte fina fiind extrem de eficient si importiva celulitei , dar si a vergeturile noi(rosii)
Aveti nevoie de o cutie de crema goala pentru a pastra produsul deoarece cantiatea este  suficienta pentru 2-3 utilizari.
Luati zat de cafea,ulei de masline, ulei esential de  lamaie, de grapefruit, ulei de ardei iute si migdale, pe care le amestecati pana obtineti o pasta consistenta. Uleiurile se pun in cantitatile dorite inafara de cel de ardei iute care este prea concentrat, si punem doar cateva picaturi.
Se foloseste o data pe zi, dupa dush.
Se poate utiliza si ca masca, astfel se va infolia suprafata tratata cu folie osmotica(de bucatarie).
Voi ati incercat?

DIY Neon Crystal Jewelry

I have seen many DIY tutorials on the web and I thought I would try it myself. As I am not really a fan of crystals this alternative proved to suit me, an edgy yet elegant twist, just perfect for my style. I picked intense, neon matte colors but you can probably go with any other combinations. Follow these steps here and make your own.

Am vazut multe tutoriale pe internet despre cum se pot vopsi gablonturile din cristale si ma gandeam sa incerc si eu. Cum nu sunt un mare fan al cristalelor, aceasta alternativa s-a dovedit potrivita pentru mine. Indrazneatza , dar totusi eleganta, perfecta pentru stilul meu. Am ales culori intense, mate, dar cred ca puteti incerca orice alta varianta in functie de preferinte.
 Urmariti acesti pasi si creati bijuterii pe gustul vostru.

DIY Ombre Shorts

Here is a little DIY project I did a few days ago. I wanted some neon, ombre shorts but never found the perfect color combination so I thought why not to make my own. I picked red, orange, yellow and green, mixed the colors with some water and sprayed the jeans intro a gradient. I really love how it turned out. If you want more info on what colors I used, email me.
Un mic proiect DIY pe care l-am incercat acum cateva zile. Am vrut sa imi cumpar o pereche de blugi scurti colorati mai interesant si nu am gasit combinatia de culori care as fi vrut-o asa ca am decis sa imi fac eu. Am ales rosu, portocaliu, galben si verde, culori pe care le-am amestecat cu apa si apoi le-am spreiat in degrade . Mie imi place foarte mult cum au iesit. Daca vreti sa stiti ce culori am folosit sau aveti alte intrebari, trimiteti un email.

DIY Chain Cardigan

 Here is a simple trick to renew your wardrobe. Easy to do, even if you are not that  familiar with sowing.
You need, a simple cardigan, sweater, or even a jacket if you like. 
Some thread matching the color of the  cardigan; you can also use transparent thread too,a sowing needle and some chain. you should measure how much you need, before buying. 
I haven’t so, I will buy more to add to the sleeves end too.
I chose a dark grey metallic chain, but you can pick any color or size, you can even add 2-3 strands of chain.
You start at one end, and try to keep the same pace taking into accound the edge of the fabric, it should be even. 
You should make a loop over each chain link so that it would stay on pretty good.
And it is just as simple as that.
Here is a before and an after picture. 
How do you like it?
Simple enough?
V-am pregatit un mic proiect prin care va puteti reinnoi garderoba rapid si cu investitie minima si nici nu trebuie sa fiti foarte familiarizati cu cusutul.
aveti nevoie de un cardigan simplu,sacou sau orice jacheta pe care vreti sa aplicati lant.
O ata in culoarea cardiganului sau puteti folosi chiar ata transparenta, un ac de cusut mai mare si lant. Inainte sa cumparati lantul, ar  trebui sa masurati cati metrii va trebuie. Eu nu am facut asa, si va trebuii sa mai cumpar pentru a aplicat jos la maneca.
Eu am ales un lant metalic destul de lat, de culoare gri inchis. Alegeti orice nuanta si latime de lant doriti, puteti chiar pune 2-3 randuri de lant.
Incepeti la un capat,  tinand seama de marginea materialului care trebuie sa fie cat de cat constanta ca latime.
Ca sa tina bine si sa nu existe surprize mai tarziu, coaseti peste fiecare veriga a lantului.
Nu dureaza foarte mult , iar rezultatul este spectaculos.
Am atasat cateva cadre cu cardiganul simplu si dupa aplicarea lantului.
Va place? E destul de simplu?

How Important is Photography in Blogging

Photography is probably the best way to express feelings or ideas related to almost anything around us. From happy moments, to sad stories, photography can easily depict all of these in a creative and artistic way. But photography for some is life, a job that helps them earn a living day to day.

Blogging came first, right after then influencers followed. From complex projects, to simple posts on social media, influencers and veteran bloggers alike rely on photography to express their ideas and earn a living just by doing that.

But how important is photography in blogging?

Let’s put it this way: a photograph makes 60.000 words. Basically, our brain can process photos 60.000 times faster than it can text, so I think this is a great explanation as how important images are in our day to day life. It is said that posts with images get 94% more views that a simple text only article. so bloggers do know why they need to invest so much time in taking the right pictures. But they don’t only invest time in this. Loads of money spent on high tech equipment for creating and editing photos and videos could mean better content, but it all sums up to how creative they are.

Why is it important to create great images

Basically images sell. Whether we are talking about travel bloggers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers or DIY bloggers, all of them need to send a message, create a visual story around the product or service they want to monetize. Blogging takes a lot of time, and many bloggers are doing this as a full-time job, which means that money wise they have to capture attention and and make us buy whatever they are endorsing. What do all the big companies use when they want to sell anything? Photography! Great pictures could sell anything if they are used right.

High tech vs. Creativity

Is it crucial to own the latest technology when wanting to create great visual stories? It depends. While all the latest smartphones might create high quality images, when it comes to video content, this is a bit more complicated. I have seen awesome pictures taken with a smartphone and horrible pictures taken with the latest DSLR camera and a 10k lens. Was the investment worth it in this case? Not really!. But what makes a difference here? Creativity and how well you know your gear.

Get better at photography

Creativity can be trained especially if you are really passionate about the subject. There are tones of mediums where you can learn tips and tricks for taking great photos even with amateur gear. I learnt so much from online courses that helped me understand the basics. It’s important to start with the basics and grow from there like in any other field as well. Find a mentor like Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY and try to work on your photographer skills.

Something that many bloggers forget – Optimization

After learning how to take the best images, optimization is probably as important as having photos on the blog. While search engines can see you have photos on your blog, if they are not saved for web, they will penalize you for having a slow page. Which means that the sizes of your imagines should be SEO friendly if you want to rank well too. Another important aspect is Alt text for your photographs. If you are a travel blogger and you take wonderful images with the locations you visit, try to add relevant alt texts to them. If someone is searching for “Port Vell Barcelona”, you will want your image to show up in the SERP, right?

As a conclusion. Be creative, optimize and properly name your photos to be sure you are getting the maximum results from your hard work.

Ikea Kids Table Hack – Ikea Latt

ikea latt diy

vopsire mobila copii ikea

When it comes to home improvements & interior design on a budget, Ikea nails it most of the time. We love Ikea products because they are so versatile an easy to adjust or use in creative DIY projects. Problem is that almost everybody you know probably already own half of the furniture you do also, so the key in having a uniquely decorated house would be to DIY and improvise a lot. But that’s where all the fun is anyway.

Our latest project is actually something for my baby girl. She is at the age when she wants her own table, built to fit her size. She wants to get creative, play roles and just have fun while still feeling comfortable.

So we’ve bought the Ikea Latt set with a simple table and two wooden chairs for which we paid something around 20$, a real bargain I might say. Cheap & well made for a simple Ikea hack for kids.

ikea masuta copii

Sophia’s room is not yet finished, but I knew from the start that I wanted the color palette to be something around white, peach and mint. This Ikea Latt set made of untreated pine wood was the perfect base for what I had in mind. an easy, affordable, hassle free project I could finish on my own.Ca-am decis astfel sa ii fac ceva personalizat dar in care sa nu investesc foarte multi bani si timp. Am mers pe varianta masuta de copii Ikea si am cautat cateva tutoriale pentru a gasi optiuni fiabile de a modifica acest set.

I knew I wanted something cool but yet feasible and versatile too. Something that if it would get destroyed quickly I wouldn’t be too upset about. And that’s a real scenario considering Sophia’s age.

What I used

  • White water based paint + pigments
  • adhesive band for masking
  • upholstery stapler
  • upholstery fabric + buttons
  • foam for cushioning the seats beneath the upholstery

Steps to follow

  1. First, I upholstered the seats. Measured the board so that I’d know exactly where to drill in order to get that tufted look I wanted. To be sure the foam would stay in place while I work on it, I glued it down on the outline. I glued fabric on my buttons but if you want a perfect result, get the covered by a professional.
  2. I used masking tape for the chair and table legs when applying the white coats. After 2 coats of white, I removed the masking tape and placed it on the white part so I’d get a perfect line for the color touch. Two coats here as well, 6 hours apart.
  3. Then I just mounted everything together using a rubber hammer. It was pretty difficult with the seats because they where much thicker after I added that upholstery, but everything ended up really nice in the end.

As costs concerned, it all depends on what you already have at home. I had two old pillow that I cut open and used the foam and I also had the stapler from another project. The fabric cost about 10$ and the paint also around 9-10$. I bought pigments so that was cheaper than buying each color of paint. They were 2$ each. The buttons I already owned and I used a glue gun to cover them in the same fabric as the seats.

Basically the investment wasn’t much more than $25 plus the Ikea Latt set used for the kids table set hack.

masuta copii ikea


I played with the basic colors I wanted her room to be in. The peach was more pink-ish just because I couldn’t find any splattered upholstery fabric that would pass the test of time with all those paint colors Sophia would use. But because the Ikea Latt set was so cheap, in the end it doesn’t really matter if she will destroy it.

lac mat alb pe baza de apa

The edges of the color changes were perfect because I took the time to add the masking tape perfectly. This is a very important step if you want a perfect paint job.



The whole project took a day max in total. I worked about 3 evenings because that’s when I had time. It could have taken less if I wouldn’t have needed to wait for the paint to dry:)

I am really happy how this Ikea hack Latt set turned out and I am thinking of a new project again.

What do you think? Would you try it?


2000s Themed Party Outfits


2020 and we are still thinking of the 2000s themed party outfits some of us used to wear in our good days. Surely it’s not fresh news that at least some of those outfits were really horrifying while others could easily be integrated into today’s fashion and no late Gen Z fashionistas would even notice the odd.

What was fashionable back in the 2000s?

Actually fashion in the 2000s was a big mash up of so many styles. Hip-hop, indie, boho vintage plus new trends that emerged, all mixed up together in something undefined.

Flared low waisted jeans with DIY laced up sides, tie dyes and colorful panels mixed with tube tops, crop T-shirts and trucker hats. Yes, I know, nothing sounds fashionable anymore.

But let’s not forget about the 2000s denim craze. Denim was everywhere, and designers used to play with textures, colors, different types of washes to create textures and shades. But probably the mos memorable matchy matchy look of the 2000s was Britney Spear’s and Justin Timberlake’s full denim outfits at 2001 American Music Awards. Epic! Unforgettable.

The Nasty Girl Look

As Destiny’s Child style back then could be considered a stable of 2000s fashion. If you would get inspired from that music video, you would surely not miss the 2000s themed party outfits. Low waist jeans and trousers, cut out tops and thongs at sight worn as fashionable accessories. Super high heels, fake furs and metallic textures. It was fashionable back then, but now, you might not understand a thing.

The video was edgy, but some styles could work for a party outfit. Try some low waisted jeans with platforms, a latex tube top and a leo shirt to layer over. Big hoop earring and a trucker hat will complete the look.

Gwen Stefani was one of my favorites when it comes to 2000s fashion icons

She used to mix some really edgy rock & punk elements into both casual like looks or more elegant styles for special events. She was a net fabric kind of girl with tartan, leather and sequins. Anything she put on, it looked epic. She had style, no doubt about it and Gwen wore every crazy outfit with the right attitude.

If you want to try a rock chic a la Gwen Stefani look, go for anything mesh, add a triangle bra or shiny crop top over it, a fur jacket and low waisted cargo pants. You can never go wrong with this look. If you want to take it to another edge, knot your hair and add some pin colored spray that wares off.

Blinged Juicy Couture velvet tracksuits

Ok, I had one too. Have to admit it that it was something I carved for. I got a velvety brown embroidered short tracksuit that I still have now. It looks really nice today too, but back then it was a craze. If you would be curious to check out paparazzi pictures with fashion icons going grocery shopping or to the gym in the 2000s, you would see them in branded velvet tracksuits. Low waist trousers of course and probably crop jackets just to be sure the 6packs are visible. But what if the trend is coming back? Kylie wore it!

This 2000s themed outfit should be easy to adapt today. You can get a velvet tracksuit and just roll the waist band if it is not low enough. If you like DIYs, then sew on some patches and add rhinestone for a full blinged outfit. Add a bandanna, big god hoops and maybe an iced gold watch. Try box braids if you want to really make an appearance.

Dirty – Christina Aguilera for a cool
2000s themed party outfit

Now that I am writing this, I realize that I had so many pieces of clothing DIYéd, adjusted or bought to be similar to those worn by pop stars. I remembered I used to dream to get the colored meshed highlights Christina had in that period. Blonde hair with red, pink or black hair strands underneath. I didn’t want to get my hair lighter, but I loved how her hair looked. I tried to copy her haircut and ended up getting a kind of an emo-ish short on the top longer at the back hair. It suited me right though. But those leather trousers, really low waist, tight and then flared at the bootom, sometimes with cut outs and really short tops or even triangle shaped bras. That was edgy then and it would be edgy now too. Still, I loved her style.

To copy her look, you don’t need to go that far. Get some leather look trousers, low waist and flared. High heels or wedged boots and use a bandanna as a top( triangle). For extra edge, use colorful hair extensions to add underneath your hair, or try her braided look. Glue a rhinestone piercing on your chin and pull off a dark, smokey eye make-up.

The cut-outs and spaghetti tops

Adam Saaks created a frenzy with his spontaneous videos made on the streets while doing edgy designs on random people. Cut out braided T-shirts, dresses and leggings were a thing back then. They look very cool and I would also wear something like that now. From rhinestone tops with just two thin strands around the back, to the edgy cut out T-shirts, tops fashion in the 2000s was very revealing and edgy.

Luckily this trend is very easy to copy for a 2000s themed party outfit because you just need a T-shirt, leggings or a T-shirt dress, some scissors and maybe a thread and needle for some fine details. Basically you can create such an edgy look with things you would probably even throw away because you don’t wear that much. Cut sides, or even the whole back of the dress, braid it for a cool texture and some studs or rhinestone to make sure it’s 2000s approved. Add platform boots or high heels and you’re ready.

Now that you’ve got your inspiration for 2000s themed party outfits, what will you go for? I think I will pick the last one as it is easier and maybe add a bandanna and gold hoops. If I could find my cut out dress, I don’t even have to try hard.

How to Plan Home Improvements

If you’ve been following me on social media lately, you’d know by now how much I love DIY when it comes to home improvements. Our latest project was changing the old laminated floors we had, with some new ones in a lighter, off white color to give the house more brightness. I wanted to this for a long time now but I also wanted to wait for some special deals, discounts to be sure that it will also be a good investment not just a nice DIY project.

If you are like me and want to grab the best deals especially if we are talking about discount codes, offers or the big day known as Black Friday, then you should note down that Home Depot has some of the best prices especially for sales in home improvement sector. I can bet you can find everything you need there without needing to search too much.

But before any project, you need to sit down and make a plan.

Ask yourself a few questions:

Is it worth the investment?

Do you have the skills you need? Because tools you can buy

Will it be a practical change or improvement?

How long will it take to be implemented?

home deco diy

After you noted everything down and you realized that it’s a good plan, then start making a list of things you need from tools, to space where to work and of course, the raw materials.

Whenever I jump into such a cool, yet tedious project, I always want to see what others have done for a similar ideas. For the next project we will work on, a house bed for our daughter, I searched for ideas on Pinterest. Some actually provide a sketch you can use and also a list of materials you need and exact quantities or dimensions. This will make everything more easier when going shopping. Even if your project isn’t exactly the same you can get a pretty good idea on what you will need so that you can figure out how to create your own list.

interior design

Another advice that I always take into consideration even if it will take you some time before actually getting into making it, is research, research. I take about a day to research for stuff before. Searching on google, looking at videos etc, to be sure I can actually finish what I want to start. To be sure I have every tool and every accessory I need so that I don’t stop when I am half way through. This will save you time after and of course, a lot of money by helping you avoid mistakes you might have made if you haven’t done your research just before.

Buy on sale, not when you need them

If you are into such crafts and you know you will want to work of different home improvement projects, then you should consider making a list of tools and searching for hot deals, coupon codes and sales when they are available and not wait until you will actually need them. Buying the machines and accessories when they have the price is better than getting them right when you need them most and paying double or triple for them.

home improvement

Home improvement projects can be fun, if they are planned well so that you save more money while making your dream home look like it was cut out of a magazine.

How to wear cuffed jeans

cuffed jeans

Cuffed jeans are still in fashion nowmatter what anyone says. They are super trendy and versatile because yes, cuffed jeans are any type of jeans that have cuffs, so you can adapt them to your style.

cuffed jeans

According to your silhouette, you can go for either skinny, straight or maybe a more baggy type like boyfriend jeans. High waist, medium or low waist, you name it, cuffed jeans come in all types, color and also lenghts. You can pick capri jeans or maybe long cuffed jeans to wear with your favorite sneakers or loafers.

Are cuffed jeans only for summer?

cuffed jeans fashion

Not actually. You can wear them all year long if you style them appropriatelly.

In summer, cuffed jeans look amazing with high heeled sandals or stiletto pumps. Go for a high waisted design and pair them up with a crop top to emphasize the long legs.  Boyfriend jeans are super trendy now so you only need to create a cuff for them to upgrade the look.

 boyfriend cuffed jeans

For autumn you can pick some cool booties and interesting stockings that would show between the jeans and the boot. Go for contrasting textures and achieve a super trendy outfit with not much effort.

 how to wear cuffed jeans

Winter is all about over the knee boots. So try some capri cuffed jeans and wear them with over the knee boots underneath. The effect is really wow and it will be comfortable too while keeping an edgy feel to it at the same time.

How to make yourself a pair of cuffed jeans

If you don’t one by now, you might be tempted to buy a pair. But you can get the look for less if you modify a pair you already own. Pick a type of jeans that are not too skinny nor too elastic.

Cut the trim at the bottom and roll it up as high as you want it. You can go for a wide cuff or just  a slimmer version, the choice is yours. To be sure they will stay as you want them to, grab a needle and thread and sew along the side seams, just a bit to ensure the fit. Play with the inside out shades and pick either to roll it inside out or just as a shirt cuff and keep the same shade as they are on the outside.

There are so many options, it all resumes to how creative you want to be and how far you will go with styling these jeans

Photo sources: Pinterest

How to go on vacation without leaving the house

Sometimes we just feel tired. Tired of the everyday routine, of work, of having to get things done every morning. We are so tired that we don’t even want to leave the house for a proper vacation.

But there is a cool way in staying home and feeling like you are on vacation without going places or spending much money.

The key to all this is feeling comfortable and relaxed in your own home, or yard for that matter.

When I wanted to start improving my home, I started from outside, with the yard and terrace. I wanted to forget about everything and go into a state of relaxation putting my holiday mood on. Easy way to achieve greatness? Create your own zen place, a cosy corner where you can detach and feel closer to nature.

Zen corner on the deck

I always wanted to have a deck with some DIY pallet furniture and string lights, just like in the movies, but it still remained a plan until now. I started browsing ideas and solutions for this dream of mine and the best options for something similar to what I wanted were offered by  Decks & Docks Lumber Company.


After doing some research I have found that there are many types of decking materials and you could easily pick one of them taking your budget into account as the price difference is fairly noticeable. From the expensive capped composite, capped PVC, HDPE to the most affordable option being composite, if you want a long lasting deck to enjoy for many years, you might want to rethink the first option that comes into your mind. Surely finding a cheap but beautiful decking solution would be ideal, but if it isn’t that resistant, after just  a few years you might need to work on improving or fixing it.

By investing a bit more at the beginning you save a lot of time and probably money too if you think it for the long run.

How to pick the deck color

Besides the financial part, you need to think about the practical aspect as well as aesthetic. The color of your deck should also be appealing but if you need to clean it often because it would look dirty 30 min after wiping it all over, that Is not the scenario anyone wants. From the research I made, I realised that the best colors, are slightly lighter with a beige of gray tone that’s similar to dirt and sand. If you go too light or too dark you will have to be sure your feet are always clean so you won’t make your lovely deck look like it’s always dirty.

In my vision, the deck would start from the door that connects the living room to the yard and continues around the pool. The percentage of decking and grass should of course be balanced so that I wouldn’t cover too much of the green part, because I do want a small paradise inside my yard.

I studied a bit or architecture at the university but if you feel this is much more than you can handle, you should ask a professional engineer to help you as it should be a well though investment and not just a weekend plan.

5 Organisational Ways To Display Your Jewellery

If you can’t see your jewellery, chances are you’re not going to wear it. It’s often the case for most costume jewellery. When you lump it together in knotted balls, you’ll find yourself wearing the same tired pieces over and over.

So, don’t you think it’s time to untangle your gorgeous pieces and showcase them in a way that will remind you to wear them?

Here are a few top ideas to organise and store your jewellery – costume or not!

  1. A curb chain for earrings

If you have a big collection of the most sought-after pieces, a standalone armoire isn’t always enough. Larger necklaces, especially, are easy to lose when they’re tossed in drawers. What you need is a more designated space, so consider a display on a narrow portion of a wall in your room or even behind the door. Screw hooks into strips of wood and then use them to hang your stunning necklaces. Then, drape a few sections of thick curb chain for a stunning earring display you’re sure to be proud of.

  • A clay cactus to hold your rings

How often do you lose your rings? We know we do! A clay cactus makes for the perfect ring holder. Include a catch-all tray to keep delicate bands altogether. You can make your own cactus ring display or even a few to place around the house and display your sparkling rings. One particular place you might want to place one is next to the kitchen sink and even on your nightstand. It’s the best way never to lose your rings again!

  • Driftwood and hooks

This is a great way to organise your jewellery and make it part of your décor. The driftwood looks especially beautiful in farmhouse style homes and even lofts. The whole idea, though, is to match the jewellery to your display – so that means nothing too bulky or colourful for this one! You can find driftwood jewellery displays online or you can make one yourself. Since it’s a particularly dry wood, it’s easy enough to screw a few hooks into it without needs to drill any extra holes or need to use tools.

  • Industrial pipe display

Adding an industrial display to your home is a great way to balance out any masculinity with jewellery. There are so many ways to create furniture and home décor with plumbing from your local hardware store, but this is an incredibly easy project to DIY, and it won’t cost you much either. Let your imagination run wild! Then you’ll have more room for gorgeous pieces from and similar trusted jewellers.

  • Spray paint a branch

Jewellery looks great when it’s displayed in a way the complements your home’s décor. For example, feminine frames for earrings aren’t going to look stunning if the rest of your home is modern.

A tree branch jewellery display holder, though, looks great with everything from Boho to minimal and even extremely modern décor. All you need to do is find yourself a really dried-out tree branch, spray paint colour of your choice and a couple of small rocks to create a lovely display for your daintier pieces.

Hopefully, these 5 tips give you inspiration to get your jewellery out and proudly display it!

Mustard Please! Sweater That Is

I love mustard! I could eat it just like that on a piece of toast, but the color… I used to hate.

I never could understand why this color actually existed. It looked like a dirty yellow which I also hated because of the school uniform. I used to avoid anything yellow for years during and after finishing high-school.

tassel cardigan

Few years back, I saw a knitted pullover in a cute yellow shade. You might have seen me wearing it with some leather boots and a tassel cardigan over it. It was love at first sight, not sure why, but I loved it. Since then I got 2 more pullovers and a few yellow T-shirts like the one with “Honey“. I think I went passed the resistance of wearing yellow and mustard.

mustard sweater
mustard sweater
mustard sweater

This look is a mix of elements I love to play with when creating a look. Textures & volumes while keeping everything on the comfortable side.

Wool skirt and boots, plus a warm sweater and a cute tassel cardigan that tops up the look.

winter fashion

Ready for Spring now! How about you?

How to Create Better Fashion Posts

fedora hat outfit

They key to Optimizing Landingpages

We are all in love with fashion and we basically talk all day about trends whether it’s beauty, clothing, tech, cars or travel destinations, it’s all fashion.

As a blogger my main focus is indeed on fashion, beauty and lifestyle in general, but in time I learned on my own expense that it’s not all about pretty pictures and stylish outfits.

Surely you can get a few visitors with some social media following and frequent readers, but you need to create compelling pieces to be sure that the audience that is looking for inspiration that you provide, will indeed find you.

This is were content comes into place, and by content I mean text, info-graphics, not just simple fashionable OOTD pictures you take.

A beautiful landing page that converts visitors into buyers ( for your affiliate links) or frequent readers, followers etc, should follow some basic points to ensure that it’s actually valuable info, not just 2 sentences about how much you love your new MK bag that you got on sale on Black Friday. that might have sound a bit harsh, but it’s true. Been there, done that.

Basic points to take into consideration when creating a landing page

  1. Do some research and find a keyword that works for you. It should be related to your blog niche and should fit in naturally in the topic you wanted to address, even if it’s a new outfit.
  2. Pick a headline that stands out. Don’t use a basic sentence, but ask a question, state something magnificent or provide an answer for something.
  3. Provide valuable info that readers will come back for again and again. If it’s fashion, give advice on where to get the best deals, how to style a certain item or how to fix a stain. DIY ideas work well also.
  4. Use an obvious CTA so that the readers would know what you want them to do. It’s a fact that most of them won’t know what to do next so you need to point that out. Either you want them to subscribe to your newsletters, comment on your post or click the links in order to get a discount on their next purchase.
  5.  Provide valuable links in your content to ensure that the info you state is back-ed up by other as well. Try to focus on linking to well reputed sites that share real info.
  6.  Optimizing your landing pages by making use of psychology is something that always works. As I mentioned before, the headline and valuable info is tightly tied to the psychological side of things. Think what your readers want to read and see and keep them engaged. Try to get on their emotional side, share something personal they can relate to.
  7. Using powerful visuals. But this you know already because you’ve probably focused only on this one when creating you articles until now. Beautiful pictures always attract and that’s why Pinterest is such a compelling platform. #togeinspired

If you really think about it, it’s not that hard to try to redo your strategy when posting. Surely you don’t need to create perfect landing pages for your blog but maybe some of your posts might just be cornerstone content that convert much better that your average outfit posts.

What do you think about this aspect of fashion blogging?


5 Tips for new interiors

modern livingroom

If you’re thinking of renovating or building a house, read below for what you should know about interiors, it’s a must read list for home builders in Melbourne to Paris.

scandinavian living room with pastel purple


blue infused kitchen design


interior design

  1. Hiring a professional can make all the difference

If you’re looking for a balanced and functional aesthetic in your home, a variety of professionals are at hand to assist you in designing your home’s interior. Depending on your budget, you may engage an interior decorator or an interior designer. A second opinion can prevent you from making a costly mistake or one that wears poorly over time. This doesn’t mean you can’t still spend hours on Pinterest or blogs in order to get inspiration, it will just mean that your ideas will be filtered and streamlined in order to best suit your tastes and budget.

  1. Budgets can work

Provided you are able to compromise, it is possible to create beautiful spaces in your home for a reasonable price tag and it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to Kmart homewares or hard rubbish finds. Begin by designing your dream space and prioritising what you like most about it. Investing more funds into the top items or features on your list will help you to realise your aesthetic goal when funds are limited. Look for opportunities to DIY or upcycle older items/furniture or mass produced goods in order to create a more unique space.

  1. Online decorating is a thing

These days there is an app for everything. While free versions will offer limited features, there are some user pays options out there that will help you virtually see what your intended space will look like. For a further investment, some designers will offer online consultations where you can submit to them your site specifics and design inspiration. Some will then create you a personalized mood board with a variety of choice for your interior, or provide tailored advice to help you make the most of your space.


  1. Try before you buy

This means different things to different people. Whether you have a quite clear idea of the type of interior you want to create, or have literally no idea, get on out there and see them for yourself. The most obvious is to attend some open houses in display houses or homes that you idealise. Seeing styles in a physical space can change what you previously thought of them. For the truly dedicated, find rental accommodation to stay in that reflects the type of look you’re going for. You can then spend hours opening and closing cupboards or discovering the functionality (or lack thereof) in spaces like bathrooms and storage areas.

  1. Clutter less, live more

While you might be upsizing, you don’t necessarily need to fill up your increased space. Whether you adhere to Marie Kondo or are more of a fan of The Minimalists, the key is to retain items with true value in terms of function and where possible, beauty. Keep it simple!

Summer Nail Colors

Nail trends: Shape, Style, Color

Every year brings new trends, old trends and innovations when it comes to fashion and of course the beauty department doesn’t get away either.

Women always like to experiment when it comes to beauty trends but not all of them have the courage to go all the way. Like dyeing or cutting their hair, reshaping eyebrows or microblading. These changes are very harsh and they could make or break your whole look. So we like to play it safe and go with more simple changes like playing with nail shapes and colors. We are talking about summer nail colors for a quick change of look.

Nail Shapes

From the short squared shape to the very edgy and elegant stiletto shape, they all come and go every season so it’s a matter of personal choice when it comes to picking the basic shape.

When you want to pick a new shape, go to a specialized salon and ask a technician to check your fingers and nail shape. They will see which style fits your anatomical shape. The way you style your nails should compliment your hands and not look very weird even if it’s the latest trend in nail styles.

Here’s a quick guide courtesy of

Nail Styles

When I hear nail style I think of simple and decorative. Either you like simple, colored  nails or you prefer the decorative kind with drawings, minx foils or even embellishments. But summer nail colors don’t actually need much embellishment for a stunning look. If you would ask me, I would just put on a bold color and that’s it, but if you like it more on the edge, you can try some designs.

From palm tree manicure to sea shells, mermaid scales, exotic fruits, cocktail glasses or pink flamingos, sunset ombres or even waves drawn on your fingertips. You name it, it’s all about imagination and preferences.






Summer nail colors

But back to the main idea of a quick, safe style change, you can just  pick a summerish color you like and paint it on your nails.

Whether you like mixing it up with different soft hues or maybe adding some texture with glitter, there isn’t any risk into this work of art.

Peachy, minty and soft hues are the best colors for summer and I tell you why. They are easy so match and of course the most important thing we think of during long sunny days… they match your super glowy tanned you’ve sweated for.





Still, if you would ask me, I would still go for something more dark like this cute dark matte vs glossy nude mix. It’s cool, bold and matches everything. I can wear it all season long even if it’s not so summerish, it look pretty cold with a perfect golden tan.



So what’s your pick for a summer nail color? Going neon, pastel or something a bit more dark?