Party outfits. What to get on your wishlist

 Because the shopping season is up, I made several lists , for gifts, for home decorations, outfits etc.
Here are four ideas of party outfits, from the more casual to the edgy color poping ideas.
Choies has two awesome sale activities that you should check out. Christmas rehearsal and a special offer for shoes, more details on their website.
I will be back tomorrow with details on what I prepaired for St. Nick.
PEntru ca sezonul cumparaturilor a inceput, eu deja am facute cateva liste, de cadouri, de decoratiuni pentru casa si piese pentru tinutele de sarbatori. demareaza doua activitati interesante , mai ales pentru buzunarele noastre. Reduceri la produsele selectionate din categoria , haine, accesorii, iar la pantofi, oferta de a doua pereche la jumatate de pret. Suna bine nu? Mai multe la ei pe site
Revin maine cu o postare legata de ce am pregatit pentru Sf. Nicolae.
All the items are available on

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