Personalized Jewelry

Engraved Rings and Pendants

I don’t wear that much jewelry on a daily basis but I do believe that special accessories like personalized jewelry items could actually make your look much more interesting.

I mainly pick unique fine jewelry, or sturdy statement pieces depending on the whole outfit idea.

Name rings, pendants, bracelets or necklaces might sound cheesy, but they actually are very classy. Of course, there are tones of ugly designs out there, but you should never pick something made badly.

You might remember my silver name necklace which I wore really often and people actually admired it.

Now I picked out a beautiful gold plated hamsa necklace, which is very elegant in my opinion. I also plan on wearing it as a bracelet.

Have you ever worn a necklace as a bracelet before?

And of course I couldn’t resist getting a BAD engraved silver ring. How could I , right? It’s funny how people make fun of my BAD name, because they think I just made it up, calling myself BAD, but for the ones that don’t know by now, those are actually my initials : Barar Adriana Delia. HAHa, get it?

I think my parents really had a long thought on how to name me and they said it should be a nice acronym too:))

How do you pick your jewelry?

onecklace gold hamsa necklace

Gold Hamsa Necklace 

mesh trench coat

Coat: Here /  Boots: Similar /  Skirt: New Yorker  / Top: Romwe /  Watch: Daniel Wellington /

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

pravana vivids

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autumn fashion personalized jewelry

Engraved Silver Ring

mesh trench coat

rebecca minkoff quilted bag pravana vivids mesh trench coat

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