Pink Dresses

Tired of Wearing Classic Red or Black Dresses?


I am one of those persons who will surely not pick pink dresses as a first idea, but still, there are some styles I would surely try out.

Even if this is not my favorite color I know that some shades look good on me. Fuchsia for example is a powerful color that I would consider wearing if I also like that item’s cut.

But let’s say you are invited for a fancy party with a pink dress code. Would you refuse to go just because you hate that color? I surely would not and just for the fun of it, I made two collages with ideas on what I could wear for such an occasion.

Retro Party Look

I like this shade of pink and because I wanted emphasize it’s rich tone, I mixed the retro midi dress with some neutral, dusty colors. Nude shoes will elongate legs and a perfect acquisition in case you don’t own any by now.  Simple, pearl earrings are all you need when talking about accessorizing such a bold color. To top it up, try a chignon hairstyle and a nude lipstick.


Rebel Party Starter

For a more casual party or maybe a cool concert, this preppy looking pink dress could be the best item to mix up in an edgy look. Dusty pink looks amazing in combination with hard textures especially because it builds such an interesting contrast. I would surely add a leather jacket and some high heeled lace up boots that will make the outfit a bit more sexy. Big rings and a cool studded shoulder bag would do the trick. Are you ready to party?


Haven’t convinced you yet?

Suede is back this Spring and a dusty pink dress may just be the key ingredient in your wardrobe this season. And you don’t have to experiment or try bold mixed, you can pull off a romantic, chic look with just some fancy flats. Or may you would fancy a casual knit dress with a deep slit?


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