Pool Hairstyles

Hair Situation During Summer- How to style it for a day out swimming?


Going at the pool doesn’t mean you will have a bad hair day afterwards. Doubting that? Here are some ideas you should try out this summer.


 1. Colorful Tourban

tourban hairstyle

source: https://www.instagram.com/p/1QyvbVRCLx/

beach look hairstyle

source: http://turbanista.com

This is a 2 in 1 hairdo because it will also protect you from getting a touch of sunstroke. It’s simply stylish and you can find them in so many colors and even textures, so that it matches your swimsuit. It keeps your hair away from your face and you can enjoy the whole day without thinking about making your hair stay still.

2. Ballerina bun

summer beach updo

source: beautyhigh.com

This is the best trick if you have long hair. Just roll it up into a cute bun and when you will let it loose, you will have the beach curls. Not such a bad hair day after all, right?

3. Braid it up

Braid your whole hair up in 8-10 or even more braids and you will get a fun retro look for the evening. You can also try this with french or dutch braids if you like. Go for your own style and you will not be wrong.

twisted bun hairstyle

Source: http://bellashoot.com/p/68147-twisty-bun-tutorial

summer beach hairstyles for long hair

Source: gurl.com

braided bun hairstyle


4. Pucca style

My personal favorite because it’s fun, different and my hair will look amazing after I take them down. You can try braided pucca buns or even using hair sponges for more volume if you have short hair.

double bun hair


ombre pool party hair


two bun hairstyle pool party ready

source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BBXU7F-xXjN/

Don’t forget to protect your hair with special lotions or hair sprays. You can by them or even make your own. If you like creating cosmetics, here is are a few recipes I found on Pinterest.

pool hairstyle

source: helloglow.co

Tips: Add some oil to your ends and your hair will thank you later. Try some glowy hair sprays that also have SPF factors to be sure you protect yourself.
For fun looks, get some cute hair pins that will make you stand out while keeping your hair in place.

beach updo

source: pinterest.com

A big hat can always save you if you have already put your hair up the wrong way. So always keep a beautiful sun hat in hand in case of hair emergency.
How do you style your hair at the pool?


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