Portuguese Tarts-Jamie Oliver

 As I told you a few days before, I can’t stop watching Jamie Oliver’s recipies. 
So I decided to try a recipe I saw one one of his episodes of  Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals. You can see the clip here
What you need:
 pastry dough, that you can find at any supermaket
cinnamon powder
a muffin  tray
For the filling:
1 egg
1 t-spoon of  sugar
zest of half of orange
200 gr sour cream
First of all, take your pastry dough, roll it, not very thin, about 05.-1 cm thick, and on one side   powder with cinnamon. Use your palms to even the powder all over the dough.

 Dupa cum spuneam acum cateva zile, nu ma oprii din vizionarea episoadelor cu retetele lui Jamie Oliver.

 Astfel intr-o zi am decis sa incerc o reteta vazut intr-unul din episoadele Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals.
Puteti vedea clipul aici.
Ce aveti nevoie:
aluat foietaj, se gaseste aproape in orice supermarket
scortisoara pudra
o tava pentru briose
Pentru umplutura:
un ou
o lingurita de zahar
200 gr de smantana

Prima data, luati aluatul, si il intindeti bine, dar nu mai subtire de 0.5- 1 cm, si pudrati pe o parte cu scortisoara. Cu palma intindeti uniform pudra pe toata suprafata dupa care rulati pe o lungime.
Roll it up, and cut it in small chunks of 3-4 cm. 
Rulati si taiat aluatul in bucati de 3-4 cm.

Then take them one at a time , withthe little spiral facing up, and push them down into a small disc.
Prepare the tray, and pre-heat the oven.
Luati fiecare bucata, intoarceti-o cu spirala formata in sus, dupa acre apasati pana se formeaza un disc.
Pregatiti tava si incalziti cuptorul.

Take each disc and put it inside the tray’s hole, and drag the margins up to the top, just like wrapping the hole in  pastry.
Do that for all of them, and put them in the oven.
Ia fiecare disc in parte , incercand sa il modelezi sub forma unei cupe, de marimea gaurilor din tava.
Puneti toate cupele formate in tava si bagati la cuptor.
 Meanwhile prepare the filling.
Take the egg, a t-spoon of sugar and the sour cream, mix them together. Add some orange zest and put aside.
Intre timp preparati  crema.
Luati oul, o lingurita de zahar si smantana si amestecati-le bine. pentru un plus de aroma, adaugati coaja de portocala rasa.

After, 15 min, take the tarts out and fill them with up. Then put them in the oven again for another 10 min.
Dupa 15 min, scoateti tartele si umpleti-le cu crema facuta mai devreme.Dupa care revin din nou in cuptor pentru inca 10 min.

Take a pot, some sugar and the orange you got left.
Melt the sugar, add the orange juice and make a caramel.
Pour it while hot on the tarts when they are ready.
Luati o oala,cateva linguri de zahar si o portocala.
Topiti zaharul si adaugati sucul proaspat stors , tine-ti pe foc pana se face caramel.
Turnati siropul cat e fierbinte pe tartele scoase din cuptor.

Fast and tasty! Enjoy.
Rapid si delicios!Pofta buna.


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