More than a week ago I came back from a short, unplanned trip to the Czech Republic, Prague. As we went by car, the journey was quite long, but not at all boring. I could stop almost anywhere I wanted to, visit other cities on the way or anything else, things that can’t be possible when travelling by plane.
Technology has proven yet again to be , let’s say retarded .  Mr. GPS took us in every possible wrong direction that existed. So next time, I will surely get a map. Oh, and  I promise to try harder to find a Conversation guide because Czech’s don’t really like English. The only ones that were nice and could speak some English were between 20-30 years old,probably with a college degree and over medium wage. Not that I judge people by the way they dress, but it seemed that the well dressed were also open minded and kind enough to help.
People in general have a vapid style, few stand up from the crowd, but even so, they don’t stare if you look different, as people tend to do here. Outfits were mostly dark shaded, not much colors around, maybe because spring is playing hard to get. No excess make up on, no special hairdo in the middle of the afternoon, just comfortable and simple.
I wanted to catch some interesting photos of people there but it was almost impossible because everyone was in an inexplicable rush. 
Here are some photos from the trip. Enjoy!

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