Product or Service?

What makes you come for more?


This is actually a very sensitive topic that needed to be a addressed eventually so here’s my view on customer service and product quality.

Just stop and think for a second. When you want to buy something and you are not sure what exactly you want to buy and you keep searching, asking questions and maybe trying to get suggestions…. what is more important product or customer service? what makes you go back?

Same thing… When you want to buy a certain product which is actually well known too, until actually getting that object into your hands one way or another, you still get to review, unintentionally, the customer service.

So we get back to my main question. What is more important? The quality of the product? Or the customer service provided?


service and products service and products

I would say customer service rather than the product.

You can sell anything if you know how to sell it. If your customer feels he made the best choice, he will come again and again just because he had that awesome customer experience that he didn’t get in any other place. And this is a rule for both online and brick and mortar shops. The persons or person that is in charge of keeping the customer happy is probably the most important item when it comes to a successful business.

The real retail power is knowing what a customer wants

For those that seem to have a hard time finding the right equation for this issue, there is something called a customer success platform. This special platform could help in foreseeing what a customer might want to buy, what he will come for again and how happy or unhappy he is with the service he got. This is the best way to keep a hands on approach when it comes to business. You can just think you know, because this way you will know for sure exactly what your possible customers might want or need.

Having such a customer success software at hand could change the industry as we know it. Happy clients is everything a business owner wants and this is now a bit more easier to achieve using the right tools as I just mentioned two paragraphs before.

So now that you saw my point of view, what do you think? Is the quality of a product more important than adequate customer service? Isn’t it much more easier to control the service you provide for your potential buyers than trying to find really “perfect”products that eventually can’t literally sell themselves?



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