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Best at-home use products


A topic that is often discussed but which does not always provide solutions for those who have this problem.

Anti-acne treatments are numerous and it is certain that there is something that could work for each and everyone. That’s why it’s good to try new treatment options, whether it’s more or less invasive procedures, classical cosmetic treatments at the salon, or products we use at home.

In what follows I will tell you a little bit about a treatment or call it a care regimen that helped me the most.

I’m sure if you’re looking for anti-acne treatments you’ll find hundreds of variants, but not all work just as well as theirs.
In spite of the wave in the trend of brands and implicitly of care products, Deciem is to be taken into account.
If you are not the first time on my blog, then you probably already know that I’ve done quite a lot of treatments over time. Starting with  ProFractional laser, Chemical peels, carbon and IPL treatment sessions. Some have had spectacular results in a very short time but they have not really solved the problem. They have improved the appearance of the skin until the next breakout.
I tried even Roaccutane which cleared my skin nicely, but only until I finished treatment and for a short time after.

the ordinary produse ten gras

The latest try out was a Microneedling  procedure with a Dermapen I have told you about, and 2 variants of procedures involving the use of oxygen: OxyMed and OxyGeneo. I had them done at Dermosim in 2018. Most likely I will return for a few Dermapen sessions because I have seen spectacular results after using it.

As products that I use at home as skin enhancement and anti-acne treatment are mainly from Deciem and Dr.Kadir.
About Deciem you can read in detail on Silvia’s blog because she has done her homework on the subject really well. From her, I first heard of Dermapen and Deciem.

In the morning, I use either the Lancome Gel Éclat wash gel or the Dr.Kadir gel. Both clean well without drying too hard, which means it does not cause my skin to produce more sebum. Then I use The Ordinary Niacinamide Serum 10% + 1% Zinc. After a few minutes I apply either Fade Out or sunscreen from Dr. Kadir or Avene Cicalfate (generally in winter).

In the evening I take my make-up off , then use the Avon silicone brush and wash me well with one of the two washing gels mentioned earlier. Then apply The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA and after a few minutes apply The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA -. In the evening I use Fade Out or Avene if I feel my skin very dry.
Like masks, I recommend ILCSI . My favorites are AHA Peeling Biological and Paprika herbal treatment that are used together, one over the other with gauze between them. Leave it for about 45 minutes while the face will turn red, it will burn a little but leaving the skin perfectly clean and give a very beautiful brightness to the skin since its first use.


Occasionally I use either Gerovital clay mask or COOHE masks. If I feel congested or irritated, I take a compressed mask and spray it with thermal water or chamomile tea.
In addition, a diet without sugar, fried, generally healthy, helps a lot.

This helps me now, of course there are many more or less expensive choices, but it’s important to find what works for you.
Do you have any products you recommend?

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