Protecting Your Health Interests

Health is not a state that is easy to define. It may, in fact, look different for everyone. Some view health as maintaining a certain fitness level while others believe that feeling happy is the best indicator of wellness. The behaviors you adopt to pursue wellness should suit your lifestyle and help you feel better, physically, mentally, and socially.

Unfortunately, life can get pretty crazy. Most of us have a mountain of tasks that need to get done every day, including work responsibilities, taking care of kids, taking classes, cleaning the house, making plans for social gatherings, and more. Often, this pushes our health and wellness to the back burner.

When the day’s schedule fills up, it is so easy to prioritize our obligations over pursuing health. But neglecting wellness can eventually become our downfall. The less healthy we feel, the harder it may be to bring the same amount of energy to those other tasks. For this reason, you must protect your health interests with the following tips.

Schedule Workouts

At the end of a long day, just the idea of heading to the gym or going for a run can seem downright exhausting. Or, other plans may pop up that would interfere with your fitness routine. This can ruin your wellness journey if you let it happen too often. Caring for your physical condition is an important part of managing your health and it deserves the priority level that will keep it locked into your schedule. Build this time into your day and protect it. If you know that you get exhausted by the end of a long day and feel unmotivated to exercise, try working out earlier in the day when you have more energy. Schedule your fitness behaviors and protect those time blocks. Otherwise, you could lose this crucial part of your routine if you have a few busy days in a row.

Find a Buddy

Pursuing wellness can sometimes be a lonely adventure. If you can find a buddy, partner, or class that can support you during the journey and helps you reach your goals, you will have a better chance of success. Maybe there is a friend who wants to pursue the same activities as you. Do them together so that you have an accountability partner. If you don’t know of anyone personally that is pursuing wellness in the same way that you are, see if there is a local gym with classes that are filled with other like-minded individuals. Together, you can form a community of support and camaraderie to encourage one another.

If Others Put Your Health at Risk, Hold Them Responsible

Looking out for your own interests is critical, and when others infringe on your health, you have the right to hold them responsible. For example, if you ever lived or worked at Camp LeJeune between 1953 and 1987, did you know that the water you used was likely contaminated? You may have been exposed to serious health conditions like liver or lung cancer, in which case you should file a claim. The negligence or recklessness of others can do serious damage to your health, whether it be from unsafe water or a car accident. Holding the responsible party is important in terms of looking out for your health interests, and earning fair compensation for these damages can help cover any financial losses you experienced from the incident.

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Your health journey is your own and no one else’s. The worst thing you could do is compare your progress to others who are going on similar adventures. You may start to wonder why they seem to be making better progress than you are, or they seem happier with the results. Do not fall into this trap. Your body and your mind are unique, which means that what works for others may not work for you. Pursuing wellness should happen at your own pace without regard for anyone else. If you feel like you are falling behind with your goals, adjust them. Don’t feel like you need to stay on track just because someone else is aware of the initial timeframe. Focus on bettering yourself and pay no attention to how others seem to be doing unless it helps with inspiration.

Look Out For Yourself

Pursuing health is not easy. It often takes longer than we might imagine and there can be setbacks along the way that feel discouraging. It is up to you to protect your health interests. Schedule your workouts to keep the routines going. Find a buddy who can keep you accountable and motivate you toward your goals. Hold people responsible who damage your health pursuits and stop comparing yourself to others.

When it comes to health, you should put your needs above others. Yes, you have responsibilities and other people in your life that need to be taken care of. But you will have far less energy and motivation to do so if you feel horrible. Prioritize your health routines and look out for yourself.

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