Punk Chic

Chiffon laced dress the and studded fringed vest

Punk is my favorite influence when I think of my designs. I got inspired from the punk subculture for my bachelor’s degree collection and still I find it very adaptable for the current trends.

I always try to mix punk with elegant details making edgy gown or statement outerwear pieces like this vest.

It has a handpainted motif on the back and sides, studs, crystals and beads sewn to make it even more special. Plus the scalloped edges and fringed details. I worked probably around 6 hours just on the details but it surely was worth the effort.

Having this simple, white dress with lace details I thought it would be the perfect mix between pureness and rock’n’roll together with some basic footwear like these Converse shoes.

What do you think? Do you like Punk Chic looks?

punk chic

Dress: Here / Vest : B.A.D. style /Shoes: Converse /Sunglasses: Spitfire

punk chic

punk chic

punk chic

punk chic

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