Queen of the PARTY

You have a special event that you need to attend and that really scares you , doesn’t it?

Of course it does. What to wear? Will all the eye be on you? They should be! You need to be the Queen of the party.
So what should you go for?
Get a dress that fits the location, I mean is it a modern club? A vintage location?, a fancy restaurant? A wedding venue? Check if there is a dress code on your invitation.
Now let’s talk budget because we have many options. For prom let’s say. A one time event but the budget is low, so I can tell you that there are short prom dresses under 50 dollars that you cand find online. Get a cool hairdo, simple of coruse and a beautiful make-up.



Red lipstick is always a good idea, but what color fits you? Check out this short chart.




Cheap special occasion dresses is what we are look for, but where to find? Online of course. There is a wide selection of beautiful gowns with lace and hand stitched details that make them really stand out. The thing you should remember is that people won’t see only the dress but the whole picture. So get fancy but be sure it looks good on you. Simple is always a good idea, so focus only on little details.





Brides also can find the perfect wedding dress online. Wedding apparel hot sale items are present in so many stores that you have where to chose from.  Buying weddingbshoes online might be risky but you can find that super pair that you always dreamed of for the  perfect price and you can always send them back if they don’t fit. There is also a great variety of wedding accessories online so you don’t have to run around look  for everything.
I hope that this helped you in picking out and deciding what you would spend more money on, but remember style is more important that price !

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